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Lower Niger Bloc should listen to NINAS that brought us self-determination

By Ndidi Uwechue


What an eventful week! My heritage is from the Lower Niger Bloc, that’s South-South and South-East together, and now finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ethnic nations of the Lower Niger Bloc have been released from the toxic and counterfeit 1999 Constitution and now have their self-determination returned to them.

This has happened thanks to NINAS, the alliance of indigenous ethnic nationalities of the South and MidBelt, but the script and strategy being followed comes from the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), the self-determination organisation for the Bloc.

How cruel the political class of Nigeria have been towards their people. I have investigated hate crimes as a Police Officer in South London, but never had she seen the type of hatred there that Nigeria’s leaders pour out upon their people.

I have also compared the effect of the 1999 Constitution with imagery I heard from an LNC video.

That Constitution is like a prison cell where all the people have been caged up. Then, to make it worse, the 68-item Exclusive List binds up the captive people in chains and handcuffs.

The worst hit are the peoples of the Lower Niger Bloc because Nigeria’s economy has been based on their natural resources stolen from them through the 1999 Constitution that they never made or agreed to!

Shame! Great shame I say on the politicians of the Lower Niger Bloc for being the ‘willing tools’ that Ahmadu Bello described in his infamous 1960 speech.

What great hatred these politicians must have in their hearts for their people to help hold them down, using a 1999 Constitution that they know is a forgery so illegitimate, and not even valid.

The Central Government had failed to respond to the Five Demands of the Confom and the 90-Day period given, had expired so there had been a NINAS World Press Conference during the week, on 17th March, to explain the next steps.

The wonderful thing for the ethnic nations of Lower Niger Bloc is that through NINAS we removed our forged signature from the 1999 Constitution and that means a lot of good things for us.

It means that the Unitary Union that illegitimate Constitution creates has ended. It means the ethnic nations in our Bloc now have our self-determination returned to us which had been hijacked by that Constitution.

A note of caution: Because the Lower Niger Bloc had been the most marginalised and most maltreated region in Nigeria, it was not surprising that this Bloc would have more “freedom fighting” groups than any other.

Some people from the Bloc either living abroad or in Nigeria would try to seize upon this self-determination that they did not work for, and want to create kingdoms for themselves in order to get money, power and fame for themselves.

However, the ethnic nations of the Lower Niger Bloc would not fall for these new frauds and traps, especially now that their true democratic freedom that NINAS is bringing, is very near.

I urge the peoples of the Bloc not to be swayed by ethnic sentiments but to rise above that and think properly. If the peoples allow spoilers to bring chaos and confusion, and perhaps even armed conflict, the people themselves would pay dearly.

Already, people from the Lower Niger Bloc in the diaspora are waiting to return home and invest, so too are foreign investors. So the Bloc should be peaceful and orderly, and seen as ready and “open for business”.

It is NINAS and LNC that brought us our self-determination using a strategy based on international law. We are nearing the end, at Stage 14 out of 16 Stages. They alone have brought us thus far, so let us not allow spoilers to distract us, or deviate us from the good path.

You can tell who the fake freedom fighters are. Check their educational qualifications and work experience to know if they even have the ability and capacity to bring any freedom.

From the very beginning, LNC posted their strategy and updates on their websites, so anybody can copy the words they see there, but copiers won’t be able to do the job!

Take me, I have a Science background so I can read up on say, Dentistry and talk well about teeth and oral matters. But that does not mean that I would be able to treat your dental problems, because the truth is, I am not a dentist.

That is how the fake freedom fighters work. They read about what LNC is doing, then use social media, radio, etc. to con and deceive.

Let me end by saying that Lower Niger Bloc has entered a new era thanks to NINAS and LNC. NINAS will be having consultations with State Governors as the Bloc proceeds onto full expression of self-determination.

Lower Niger Bloc is walking the last steps to freedom. Political parties in our Bloc cannot prepare for general elections in 2023 thinking our people will again allow politicians to keep us bound up captives of the 1999 Constitution!

They should CLOSE SHOP now so that our Bloc can first settle the matter of how the ethnic nations want to live together. The era of “willing tools” politicians in the Lower Niger Bloc is coming to an end.

NINAS and LNC have done very well thus far, and they have the processes to take us right to the end. So, let us follow their guidance and be part of the genuine self-determination pathway that NINAS is.

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