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Lower Niger Territory holds mega freedom conference


Peoples of the Old Midwestern and Old Eastern Regions of Nigeria, also known as the Lower Niger Territory, will hold a mega conference for the emancipation and freedom of the region.

The conference, organized by the Old Midwestern and Old Eastern peoples, is in honour of the territory that existed up to May 27th, 1967.

The conveners are Air Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe (retd.), Attorney Tony Nnadi, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki, et al.

The Mega Conference is slated for Saturday, July 24th 2021, Time: 6pm Nigerian time via Zoom.

The Conference theme is “Now Or Never: Walking Through The Open Gates Of Freedom”.

Interested participants can join the conference using the Zoom ID: 952 4790 2501; password: 934376

The programme will be studded with renowned speakers both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

The list of speakers are as follows:

  • Welcome Address will be delivered by Dr. Fred Agbeyegbe, President, LNC; Chairman, MNN Alliance (now NINAS).
  • Dr Clifford Iroanya will delivered the Keynote Speaker with the topic: ”Constitutional Force Majeure : Ending the Fraud of 1999 to Correct the Mischief of 1914
  • The Leader of Midwest Movement, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki will deliver the topic: ”Healing the wounds of Division and Disunity within the Lower Niger Territory”.
  • Kenneth Odidika Esq., a Legal Practitioner Representing Professionals will speak on the topic : ”Highway to Freedom: Repudiating and Rejecting the 1999 Unitary Constitution of Nigeria”.
  • LNC Director of Public Communications, Mark Oliseh will highlight the topic: ”The Campaign for Equity in the Lower Niger: Specific and Aggravated Constitutional Grievances and the Urgency of Remedial Action

Others are:

  • Col. Tony Nyiam
    Topic : ”A Region at Loss: The Hijack and Confiscation of Key Assets of the Peoples of the Lower Niger
  • Elder T K Ogoriba: (Vice-President of LNC)
    Topic: ”Niger Delta : The Long Search for Equity and Future of Shared Vision
  • Mr. Johnny Nosike (Diaspora Representative/Moderator)
    Topic: “LNC’s Engagements with the US Government and the Stake of the Diaspora in the Liberation Campaign
  • Akuchay Eze:
    Topic : 2023 Elections and Renewal of Slavery to the Fulani Caliphate.”
  • Admiral Yanga : Goodwill Message from a Signatory to the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure.
  • Sen. Anniete Okon : Goodwill Message from a Signatory to the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation.
  • Mrs. Chika Ibeneme : (President, Igbo Women Elders Council)
    Topic: “The Stand of Women on the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation
  • Attorney Tony Nnadi Secretary General LNC (Summary and Closing Remarks)

According to the organizers, the overall purpose of the conference is to commence the process of rallying the people of Old Midwestern and Old Eastern Regions of Nigeria into the efforts and framework for liberating themselves from the union of death that Nigeria has become for its residents.

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