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Madumere’s Impeachment Must Stand; Plus Bianca @50

By Eneh Victor Chigozie

Is Prince Eze Madumere impeached or is he still in office?

Prince Madumere, the embattled deputy governor of Imo state said in his lamentation that he went to prison two times on behalf of his boss Governor Rochas Okorocha.

What it means is that, Rochas will commit crime, Eze Madumere will stand in for him and ho to jail.

Both of them have been partners in crime. That confession of Eze Madumere makes him unfit to hold public office. His impeachment must stand.

Because he went to jail for Rochas instead of allowing Okorocha to suffer for his own sin, he wants to be settled with Imo state governorship seat.

In his self-confessed statement, he never disclosed the crime Rochas committed in those two occasions that he had to take the bullet for him.

Imo state isn’t a personal property of Rochas to use to compensate a prisoner of conscience.

It is not also a personal property of Rochas to use to compensate Uche Nwosu for marrying his daughter.

Imo state is for ndi Imo.

Eze Madumere should prepare to go to jail the 3rd time for supporting Rochas to personalize Imo treasury until they fell out.

It is sad that he is waiting to be impeached. He should he resigned honourably. You can’t hate Rochas and remain in his cabinet.

That’s the same issue Prince Chinedu Emeka is facing today. He was deputy governor to Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju. He supported all the anti-people’s policies of Mbadinuju, so an attempt to deny Mbadinuju regime now because he wants to go to senate in Anambra north is null and void.

Every Deputy Gov or Vice President who supports his boss to reign impunity on the people must share in rejection that will follow.

Madumere has supported evil, and must face his own casualty.

Prince Chinedu Emeka is Mbadinuju, Mbadinuju is Prince Chinedu Emeka. They ran the same regime. APGA must not reward him with their ticket.


Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu

Bianca Odimegwu Ojukwu is 50 today.

I celebrate her and wishes her a happy birthday.

50 is a golden age. God will continue to prosper her with long healthy life and good things of life.

As the wife of the eternal leader of Igbo nation, we implore her to critically understand her role in ensuring that there is unity and cooperation in Igboland especially among the political class.

As the wife of Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu, she is already our leader at all levels of Igbo leadership, and should not allow selfish politicians to conscript her into struggle for political power.

The power she wields in Igboland as Nwunye Ojukwu is bigger than what they are offering her.

As you mark your 50th birthday today, we urge you to always reflect on the need for peace and unity of our people.

I say Happy birthday to you, ma.


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