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 Maina reinstatement: reference number in the letter is fake-ASCSN

Chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigerian,( ASCSN) Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation Chapter, Comrade Bolaji Sunday Olaiya, said that reference number in the letter addressed to Head of Service in the reinstatement of wanted Ex-Pension Boss, AbdulRasheed Maina was fake and incomplete

Comrade Olaiya who spoke on the matter said, it was wrong to drag Oyo-Ita into the mess created by the AGF and the FCSC in their bid recall Maina at all costs.

Olaiya said: “If anybody is to be questioned, it is the man who signed the letter on behalf of the HoS, giving the impression that the letter came from the office.

“The person must have soiled his hands somewhere along the line as you can see, that even the reference ‘4029’ which is used in the letter is fake and incomplete. The 4029 is not a complete reference; he is trying to mislead the public and the Nigerian people. The correct reference starts with ‘FC4029″.

“He is misleading the general public by referring this letter as if it emanated from the HoS. This letter he referred to dated 18th September; does not exist but it emanated from the Federal Civil Service Commission.”

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