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Maj. Gen. Olusegun Adeniyi’s Video: A Metaphor For Nigeria

By Harry Fanon (of Ahiazu Cave)


I feel very bad on two fronts about the video making rounds on the lack of Nigerian preparation in positioning the army to counter Boko Haram menace:

1. That Gen. Olusegun Adeniyi was sacked for speaking out.

2. That South Eastern military personnel were involved defending a hopeless entity call Nigeria at the instances of Northern Operators.

Watch video:

You could recall the Operation Python Dance how the Nigerian military slaughtered vibrant unarmed South Eastern youths in Abia State for the same reason of speaking out on the state of the country and deprivations of the South Eastern region — Maj. Gen.Olusegun Adeniyi’s troop are deprived.

Injustice any where is injustice everywhere. May be Maj. Gen. Olusegun Adeniyi was not aware that ex-President Jonathan Goodluck was informed that an “An attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the entire North.”

The levity with which the Northern Operators or landlords are handling Boko Haram and integrating them into the general population is based on this tortuous but criminal ideology.

The fight against terrorism should not be localised to Nigeria alone. The war (if any) against Boko Haram should be a global coalition and coordination of sophisticated military intelligence involving willing and superior networks outside Nigeria.

As I conclude therefore, the Operators of the country are playing dangerous games with the lives and or autonomous values of unwilling general population for single reason of retaining and reserving power in perpetuity to the North.

One Nigeria should be an independent unalloyed choice made in freedom by confederating units/regions. Biko Haram (meaning please let me be).

Harry Fanon is a philosopher and jurisprudence attorney writing from his Ahiazu Cave.

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