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Malabu Oil, OPL 245 and Nigeria ― Jon West Replies Adeniyi


“There is nothing really new to learn from the Malabo OPL 245 scam , as there are several other precedents, which Mr Adeniyi, like a real golden boy of Afonja genre journalism refuses to acknowledge. 

Before Etete and OPL 245 there were Theophilus Danjuma’s Apo field, Folurusho Alakija’s Agbami, Muhammadu Indimi’s Ebok and the Sere Putu fields of Rilwanu Lukman, Sanni Bello , Mai Deribe and a host of other rent-seeking carpetbaggers and bucaneers. 

Danjuma farmed out a 30% portion of his Apo field to China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for a princely $1.35 billion in cash, much more than Dan Etete got, and without paying signature bonus. 

When the Ota Ape wanted to revert Apo to the Federal Government via the NNPC, Danjuma bluntly reminded him that he had earlier killed a Commander-in-Chief, Gen Aguiyi Ironsi, and the killing of another C-in-C would not make any difference to him. The Ota Ape quickly demurred and ran for dear life, leaving Danjuma to his Abacha loot.

Dan Etete and his gang of thieves paid signature bonus of over $220 million to the Federal Government. 

Folurunsho Alakija, formerly a hairdresser and “fashion designer” also paid nothing as signature bonus and also farmed out a substantial percentage of the Agbami 1 billion barrels plus reserves block to Chevron and Petrobras, again after bribing NNPC lawyers to lose the Government case against her immoral ownership of the Agbami OPL. 

Today she is adored as the richest Black woman over the hardworking Oprah Winfrey, by Afonja genre journalists and other hypocrites from a certain Janus-faced part of the Nigerian Zoo.

Enter Mohammed Indimi, illiterate chauffeur to Kanuri buccaneer businessman and Babangida sidekick, Alhaji Mai Deribe, who got a marginal field allocation from Babangida as reward for being a good servant and chauffeur during a 5day visit to Maiduguri to see Mai Deribe. 

Today, that field produces 40,000 barrels per day as still a “marginal field”, with a five year tax-holiday!! However, a marginal field is defined as a field with a production potential of less than 10,000 barrels per day.

The trouble with Nigeria, which the erudite University of Ibadan Professor of Mathematics, Omololu Olunloyo, described as the hypocrisy capital of the world, is the application of hypocrisy as Government policy and national ethos. 

Dan Etete and the mess of Malabu are just symptoms of an underlying and debilitating malady- injustice and its unintended consequences.

We cannot make progress in this country until we apply the same standards of justice on everyone without fear or favour. 

You cannot take the oil resources of the Niger Delta and the Southeast and hand them over to all sorts of buccaneers , carpetbaggers and sheer simple illiterate thieves, because you view that as booty from the Great Genocidal War of 1966-1970 and beyond, and then suddenly wake up to deny a son of the owners of the resource, similar access to his patrimony. 

It won’t pass mister, and Etete knows it, that is why he is spitting in the face of the Nigerian Government. 

The Niger Delta Avengers are lurking in the shadows, waiting to wreck vengeance and utter havoc on the prostrate Nigerian petroleum industry, if the fools that run Nigeria dare attack their thieving son. 

To them, Etete is a bloody thief; however he is their bloody thief and the oil is theirs anyway.

This country is doomed to fail. Please stop Nigeria; many of us want to get off this train to the abyss of state failure”.

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