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Mali Coup: ECOWAS Behaving Like Band Of Political Robbers ~  Mali Opposition


As the regional West African body, ECOWAS is still fashioning ways of returning Mali to a civilian government after the former president was removed through a subtle military coup, an opposition in Mali has said the moves made by ECOWAS has made them look like ‘band of political robbers’.

The opposition also told ECOWAS to leave Malians alone to address their own issues.


ECOWAS has given Mali’s military junta a one-week ultimatum to appoint a civilian to head a transition government but the coup plotters seems to appear unyielding to ECOWAS instructions.


We can also recall that the 15-nation West African regional bloc slapped sanctions on Mali after the August 18 coup, including closing borders and banning trade. These sanctions have affected economic activities in the country to a great extent.


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