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Maltina empowers influencers with care boxes, food, drinks, and knowledge for Ramadan

Understanding that sharing brings blessings, Maltina, a brand centered on sharing happiness, connected with Muslims across Nigeria in this season. This Ramadan season is one Nigerians have never experienced before. In these challenging times, Nigerians are staying home to stay safe from the pandemic, and many do not have access to the necessary refreshments and essential food items to keep them nourished and happy as they break their fast. Many Muslims are seeking platforms for them to learn how to navigate this ever-changing world in the face of the pandemic.

Thus, in the true spirit of Ramadan, Maltina worked to empower diverse Muslim influencers with food boxes from Maltina, healing prayers, free Maltina drinks, and a letter of hope to enjoy and pass on to others in their community. The influencers were tasked to identify people in their communities to continue the cycle of sharing of the Maltina care packs, drinks, and prayers. By starting the giving to share happiness, Maltina created a ripple effect of sharing, encouraging Nigerians to come together in support of each other as we all face a global pandemic.

Some of the influencers include iconic Kannywood actors, Ali Nuhu, Rahama Sadau, Maryam Booth, Femi Adebayo, to celebrated Nigerian artists like Sound Sultan, Reminisce, Kaffy Shafau, and others. The selected influencers were chosen to reach Nigerians across the country like Lagos, Abuja, Oyo, and Kano.

The Maltina care boxes contained enriching food essentials like rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, letters of hope, prayers, and refreshing Maltina drinks. The gifts were specially planned to share Maltina’s happiness physically through nourishing food, emotionally through a letter of hope, and spiritually through a prayer card, calling for people to come together to pray for the healing of the world, especially in these times of a global pandemic.

Apart from simply sharing food and drinks, Maltina highlighted another important item to be shared — knowledge. Across Nigeria, many students and young business owners are feeling stranded and seeking knowledge. Maltina noticed the gap and worked to host a ‘Day Of Learning’ where three Nigerian Breweries employees volunteered their time and expertise to teach 3 learning sessions to an online community school with over 30,000 Northern Nigeria youths, women, and SME businesses.

The topics were relevant and engaging, ranging from Bookkeeping and Simple Finance, Sales & Customer Service, to Marketing & Social Media 101. The learning sessions were more than a simple impartation of knowledge, it was an inspirational time for Maltina to bond and connect with Northern audiences across Nigeria, sharing knowledge, and also learning from these communities the importance of coming together as a nation to share knowledge and grow, despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

The dedication to consistently keep sharing despite the challenges and anxiety being faced around the world is a lesson on true brand empathy. At a time When many are closing shop and hiding away as the coronavirus threatens lives and livelihoods, Maltina works to bring people closer, and always share happiness, whether it comes in food, free drinks, prayers, and most vitally — knowledge.

Maltina is a malt drink brand that inspires everyone to share their moments of happiness with loved ones.

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