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Man Kills Girlfriend, Slits Throat, Skins Her, Removes Her Tongue


A man aged 25 was arraigned for slitting his girlfriend’s throat, skinning her head and attempting to dispose of the body at a nearby goldmine pit.

Obed Ihaji is alleged to have killed Carolyne Anota Mukutu on diverse dates between March 2 and 3, 2019 at their Bukhananga Village, Kakamega South sub-county in Kenya.

He did not take a plea due to the absence of High Court judges.

Ihaji is said to have been seen with the deceased on March 2 at a nearby Matioli Shopping Center where they went for a drinking spree before they were dropped home by a boda boda rider.

The body of the deceased was on March 4 recovered by locals at a gold mine pit situated in Ihaji’s family land just 20 meters from his house.

It is believed that by dumping the deceased in the goldmine pit, it would cause more gold deposits to be recovered.

Ihaji was arrested by irate neighbours who had seen him with Anota the previous day and handed him over to police officers.

The officers who came to collect Anota’s body said that she had her throat slit with what is believed to be a sharp knife.

An autopsy conducted by Kakamega Chief Pathologist Dixon Mchana at Kakamega County General Hospital revealed that the body had also the tongue removed, eyes gouged out and ears chopped off.

Dr. Mchana also in his report told the investigators that the body had also been skinned on the face leaving a bare scalp.

He formed the opinion that the deceased died as a result of external blood loss secondary to extended scalping following a homicide.

Kakamega Resident Magistrate ordered that the suspect be held at Kakamega Main Prison awaiting to take a plea at the High Court on March 26 when the judges shall have resumed.

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