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Matawalle fires back at Yari

...says ex-governor recruited, purchased arms for 8,000 Yan Sakai


Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle of Zamfara state has fired back at his predecessor, Abdulaziz Yari, saying the former governor had recruited 8,000 Yan Sakai and purchased 1,000 guns for them, thereby compounding the security situations in the state. Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, the Director General, Press Affairs (Sokoto State Government), Alhaji Yusuf Idris, said the recent attacks like in the past are being caused by members of the outlawed local vigilante group known as Yan Sakai which the former governor recruited, funded and armed.

He said: “Don’t forget the crisis that was generated throughout the country in 2013 when Yari, then as governor purchased firearms for the outlawed Yan Sakai group, one will wonder where are these weapons?

And it had been confirmed by the security agencies, that the renewed attacks are being orchestrated by those Yan Sakai.

“It should be recalled that when former governor Yari was in charge and there was an attack in Yargaladima village of Maru local government where hundreds were massacred, he only visited the village briefly from where he moved straight out of the country.

“Similarly, then governor Yari had to be virtually forced by his colleagues to come to the state when over 100 innocent souls were killed in Birane village of Zurmi local government; he left the same day for Daura in Katsina state in company of his fellow governors, likewise in Kizara, the list is long.

But in all, the then governor did not have much time for his people at a time when his party is trying to portray him as the best,” Matawalle said.

Speaking on the former IGP M D Abubakar-led committee set up to find lasting solutions to the banditry activities in the state, Governor Matawalle said “the committee invited some former governors, deputies and other leaders to come and make inputs more especially that former governor Yari was the immediate past Chief Executive of the state whom the committee believed would help in its assignment.

“But for mere political anger, non-challance attitude and lack of concern, ex governor Yari refused to even acknowledge the invitation; he also went further to stop his former commissioner, Alhaji Bello Dankande Gamji and his former Special Adviser, Sani Ahmad Gwamna Mayanchi from appearing before the committee,” he said.

He said they recognized the fact that former governor Yari has the freedom of movement especially in Zamfara adding that Matawalle never said he should not come to the state. “But one thing for sure is, he must respect the law of the land particularly as it relates to political gathering which has been banned adding that if he violated the law he would face the consequences.

“I challenged the so-called critics to give reference to the menace of kidnapping, rustling and all other forms of banditry. They are all history.

“Commuters, traders and other citizens carryout their legitimate businesses freely at any time of day or night since roads and markets that were hitherto closed are fully operational now,” he added.

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