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Meet Nigerian born Samuel Kasumu who could be London’s next mayor

Samuel Kasumu made a public exit as Downing Street’s race relations adviser in May, but it seems Tory high command have no hard feelings.

The Londoner hears Kasumu has been sounded out as a possible candidate for the next London mayoral race.

“There are discussions around a potential joint ticket,” a source tells us, adding that Kasumu has impressed with recent media performances. He appeared on the Robert Peston show and criticised ministers who want to “actively participate in a culture war”.

Kasumu was No 10’s special adviser for civil society and communities until he quit after the publication of the Sewell race report.

Kasumu, 33, is still on good terms with the Prime Minister and the source added that the Tory councillor could have a broad reach. Another Tory source said the candidate would be picked “in the usual way” by a poll of members.

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