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Melaye: Little boy in man’s job – antics of a deranged legislator

Dino Melaye is a little boy in man’s job


Most Nigerians were born in the night but not last night, they know when the line of decency is crossed by anyone. 

Last week, Mr. Melaye was in the news again for the usual wrong reason.  

According to accounts from several news reports, and in part from Mr. Melaye’s own news conference, Mr. Melaye threatened to beat up and impregnate Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu during an altercation at a closed-door senate session.

Mr. Melaye asserted in his own media statement that Mrs. Tinubu made some remarks about thugs, or thuggery among some of her Senate colleagues.

And therefore he Mr. Melaye felt justified in verbally assaulting Mrs. Tinubu.  

He stated that he did not threaten to impregnate Mrs. Tinubu, but then Mr. Melaye added insult to injury by delving into Mrs. Tinubu’s physical feminity, branding Mrs. Tinubu as post-menopausal.  

Melaye then took a swipe at another colleague of his that he would like to impregnate as well, Ms. Stella Oduah, all in a span of 48 hours.  

This is not funny.

This writer has never met Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu or her husband Mr. Bola Tinubu, and does not hold brief for any of them.  

However, evil thrives when decent men and women choose to stay silent in the midst of evil or tyranny.  

I am confident that well-meaning Nigerians know when a line is crossed in civil discourse; this is one of those moments. 


What manner of man could Mr. Melaye be that he could engage in all these bizarre behaviours?  

Any reasonable adult would certainly conclude that Mr. Dino Melaye is a boy in a man’s body, or a deranged lunatic in the wrong place.  

The appearance of facial and pubic hairs on a man signals maturity; it also signals the ability to reason in a certain manner.  

Dino Melaye seems to lack the capacity to reason pursuant to mature and civil discourse.

We know this, because this would not be the first time Dino has displayed gross indiscipline in a legislative setting, he did it in the Nigerian House of Representatives.  

We hope he is not the standard of the Nigerian Senate.

We are not certain whether the Nigerian Senate has been home to unsavory characters in the past, but Dino Melaye is in a category all by himself.  

Melaye manages to be dishonourable, and act deranged at the same time.  

The only plausible explanation for Dino Melaye’s dishonourable behavior last week is that he was on a dose of his cocktail of choice; perhaps a dose of weed, or something far more sinister.

Nigerians know from publicly available accounts of interactions with ex-wives, that Dino maybe suffering from manic-depression, and may be other compulsive disorders. 

There is no plausible excuse for Dino to abuse his colleague in the manner he did, we can only hope that the Nigerian senate will not sit idly by and watch a rage-driven character, drag the entire senate down with him.

Dino Melaye’s behavior apparently stems from having lived a life devoid of discipline, for most of his life.  

Melaye has never had a real job, nor did he ever build a business from the ground up, before his foray into Nigerian politics.  

This is a man whose displays of questionable materialism, like hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of automobiles, and a lavish lifestyle, should be attracting the attention of investigators.

Dino Melaye’s lifestyle before he came into the senate does not match an out-of-work legislator’s income.  

The people of Kogi West sending Mr. Melaye to the Senate (assuming he actually won the vote); casts a slur on the judgment of the people of Kogi West.

We’re relieved that Kogi West is not the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mr. Delaye’s actions are nothing short of a pissing contest among little boys.  

When a person dishonours himself in the manner Mr. Melaye has dishonoured himself, they should cease to be addressed honorifically as “Honourable”, or taken seriously in their job.  

No senator of a modern democracy should descend as low as Mr. Melaye. 

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