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Melaye: Little boy in man’s job – antics of a deranged legislator

As a result of Mr. Melaye’s recent antics, we will continue to monitor Melaye and his antics closely for the foreseeable future.  We hope Mr. Melaye is not a bullying pervert beyond redemption.  

We hope he offers a more appropriate sincere public apology to Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, and not the ego driven rant he engaged in during his recent press conference.  

In fairness, Mr. Melaye may actually do well as a comedian.

There was some sinister comedy in his press conference last week, but the standards in the Nigerian Senate should be higher. 


The Nigerian senate needs to perform an introspective soul searching, to determine whether out of control diatribes are the standard they wish to be judged by.  

Who knows, maybe Dino can be reformed, and he may choose to engage in civil discourse in the future, rather than engage in pissing contests off and on plenary sessions with other Senators.  

If on the other hand all Senators decide to fall in line behind Melaye, and engage in a pissing contest, then it should be open season for Nigerians to judge them appropriately.

We trust the Nigerian senate would do the right thing and hold Melaye accountable for his actions on the floor of the senate and beyond.  Enough said.

Abdul Okolo Charles; Email: Charles.em@gmx.com, Columbia, US


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