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Message to Ndigbo on the occassion of Igbo Day ceremony

My Dear Igbo Patriots

Press Release – September 29th of every year has now been set aside as a day for Ndigbo to reflect on their past, present and future.

It has come to serve as a signpost to the rejuvenation of Ndigbo. The Igbo Day is significantly important as it reminds Ndigbo where they are coming from, where they are and where they are going.

There are some challenges facing Ndigbo today.

There is the challenge of structural marginalisation, political emasculation, youth unemployment, and insecurity of lives and properties. 

There is also the problem that are generated internally such as pull-him- down syndrome, extreme individualism, excessive materialism and lack of cohesive spirit.

The combination of these internal and external factors has kept Ndigbo down in Nigeria.

Unfortunately Ohanaeze Ndigbo which ought to play a critical role in leapfrogging Ndigbo has not lived up to expectation. 

It has left undone those things it is supposed to do and that are why the organisation is having leadership challenges today.

There should be a synergy between Ohanaeze Ndigbo, our Governors and political leaders.

The challenges facing Ndigbo in Nigeria would have been ameliorated if this badly needed synergy exist.  But today, Ndigbo are like Giants on mosquito legs. 

Why can’t Igbo Governors come together and sponsor our youths in the best tertiary schools all over the world.  

At least if two hundred Igbo Youths are sponsored every year in high tech courses overseas in the next ten years, there will be an avalanche of high tech personalities that will transform Igboland. 

This is a challenge before our people. How about the resources that flow into Igboland from the centre, no matter how little it is. 

Why do our governors and political leaders divert these funds to their private pockets and allow their people to suffer unduly.

We must ask ourselves relevant questions.

As we celebrate the 2015 Igbo Day, today, all of us must reflect on our past, present and future.

May God help us!

Chuks Ibegbu

Chairman, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Stakeholders Forum

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