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METELE SPECIAL: Soldiers Curse Buhari, Buratai Over Massacre By Boko Haram [Photos]

Soldiers fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the northeastern part of Nigeria have rained curses and abuses on President Muhammadu Buhari and the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai.

The soldiers were reacting over the recent massacre of soldiers by Boko Haram insurgents in Metele, a remote village near the border with Niger, Abadam Local Government Area, Borno State, which saw over 100 soldiers slaughtered.

According report available to ElombahNews, the Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA), a faction of the Boko Haram insurgents killed the soldiers and farmers in three days of unabated attacks.

The insurgents overran a Nigerian army battalion in Borno killing the unit’s commander, a lieutenant colonel, as well as his deputy.

Also, a large cache of arms, ammunition, and military equipment were reportedly carted away by insurgents during the attacks.

Sources said that bodies of fallen soldiers were still being recovered and evacuated from the scene days after the mass slaughter.

Amongst the slain were a great number of those who recently protested lack of supplies to the command.

The insurgents arrived the area with about 20 trucks, invaded the base and looted the weapons and left long before army air support arrived.

They reportedly launched a pre-dawn attack on a base in the town of Gajiram, some 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of the Borno State capital, Maiduguri.

The heavy gun-fire exchange lasted several hours, according to residents.

ISWAP has reportedly accepted responsibility for the latest attacks in Metele and Mainok, claiming to have killed at least 42 soldiers in addition to carting away four tanks and other vehicles.

“They just opened fire on us and continued to fire as we fled,” a resident said, furious that natives may have informed on them.

In fierce reaction, some soldiers blamed President Buhari and COAS Buratai in a series of letters duplicated anonymously below:

Gallant Nigerian Soldier laments in tears how senior officers and Generals are treating them so badly.

He speaks about poor motivation from the army and government. He said they lack good equipment like Helmets, Boots, Weapons, he also complained how they are badly fed in camp.

He complained that the Generals are lying to the president about the condition and welfare of soldiers fighting Boko Haram and how they are being killed every week.

Is this the kind of humiliation the Nigerian soldiers are going through ?

No way!!!

Our hero soldiers deserve Better !!

Our Soldiers Must Be Motivated !!

They need Our Prayers & support More Now !!

Please Share So The President Will Get the Information


Their Labor and sacrifice will never be in vain. We send our condolences to their wives, children, families and loved ones, that the almighty God will give them the fortitude to bear this great loss.

We also use this medium to thank our soldiers still in the battle field defending our nation for their service. we owe you all our lives.

Gallant Soldier Dr. Binshep Gimba Dassah, Only Surviving Child Of His Aged Mother Killed By Boko Haram Metele Attack

Nigerian troops of 157 Task Force Battalion fighting Boko Haram came under heavy insurgents’ attack at their base in northern Borno State on November 18.

Chukwuemeka Eze wrote….

“This is my brother in-law Binshep Gimba

The only surviving child of his aged mother.

We lost him in the last Boko Haram attack.

His country failed him.

They would rather play politics than securing the citizens.

Fare well Doctor”

May his soul rest in peace

Tribute To Major.(Dr) Alobi Nsor, Doctor Killed In Metele Attack

Nigeria Loses A Gallant Soldier!

Cross River State Loses A Son!!

Farewell Maj.(Dr) Alobi Nsor, my kinsman from Olulumo Eburutu who was hacked down by Boko Haram terrorists at Matele, Borno State on 19th November, 2018.

Alobi, you were a fine gentleman, gallant soldier and a brilliant medical doctor. You died in active service in defense of a nation with broken wings and flippant promises.

Your eldest brother, Late Dr Edim Nsor was my very good friend and age mate.

I feel the pains of your beloved father who invested so much in his “boys”, two of whom became medical doctors but died in their prime.

I’m deeply pained and terribly saddened by your untimely demise my beloved younger brother. I knew you as a calm and soft spoken young man.

Farewell my beloved brother!

Nigerian Army Releases 155 Ex-Boko Haram Fighters in Gombe, Who They Claim Have Repented.

This Insensitive Venture Was Done Just After Boko Haram Attacked Army Base & Killed 100 Soldiers, 100 Still Missing


The Nigerian Army said it has graduated and released 155 ex-Boko Haram fighters after they underwent an 11-month De-radicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DDR) programme, tagged: “Operation Safe Corridor.”

The coordinator of the programme, Major General Bamidele Shafa, disclosed this on Saturday at a graduation ceremony of the ex-fighters at a training camp in Gombe State

He said the repentant Boko Haram members would be reintegrate back into their respective communities after the 11 months of vocational and de-radicalisation training by relevant government agencies.

Speaking on behalf of the former fighters, Abba Shuwa called on members of the public to forgive and accept them, saying they are now reformed and patriotic citizens of the country.

We say a big NO to this venture and insensitive approach by the Nigeria Army led by Chief of Army staff Buratai

The Army and the entire nation are supposed to be mourning our fallen heroes, they are supposed to be flying our flags at half mast in respect of over 100 dead soldiers, not releasing fellow TERRORIST comrades who committed this evil act !!!

Respect Our Soldiers !!

Honour Our Soldiers !!

Stop Releasing their killers !!

“My Father, Festus Oluwayi Is The Soldier Captured By Boko Haram” – Best Oluwayi

“In the just released video by the Boko Haram/ ISWAP, my father is the soldier seen by captured by the Boko Haram.

“This incident happened on the 30th of August,2018…

Nothing yet from the army as per his whereabouts.”

This is my father (the soldier who was seen in the later part of the video released yesterday by the Boko Haram.

He is WO(Warrant Officer) Festus Oluwayinka !!

This is just let you and I know what a failed country Nigeria is.

100 soldiers died fighting to secure the territory of this failed country and the government can’t declare a day to mourn them neither did any military flag is been flown at half mass for them.

And we say we have a president . I doubt if we have at all!!

We pray for Warrant Officer Festus Oluwayinka safe return to his family.

The Nigerian Army is supposed to be and must remain APOLITICAL to save Our Nation Filled With So Much Distrust And Division Because Of Politics.

The military must desist from:

·         Elections

·         Political functions

·         Partisan Politics

·         Political Conflicts

·         Economic & Financial Gain

Officers of Nigerian Military are not supposed to take side with any political parties, religious group or ethnic group.

But from all indices and antecedents of happenings in recent times, shows that it will be hypocritical to say some of our supposed trusted Army chiefs are not partisan.

They are now seen at political functions, they are now being used for election purposes and oppression of citizens by political and traditional leaders.

This has to end because, it’s the Nigerian people and junior officers that are at the receiving end, of this gross misconduct, and if care is not taken the entire nation will suffer the consequences.

The army should be sanitised of bad eggs and elements and also junior office officers should be given their due and welfare.

It’s very paramount that the army redeems its name as the best in Africa and also redeem the trust Nigerians once had for them.

Repentant Boko Haram members that were integrated into the Army should be flushed out, the sabotage and intelligence give away to Boko Haram has caused to many loss of lives.

Nigerians demand that the army hold Buratai responsible for this great loss

Attached is a voice note Of the Boko Haram attack on our gallant soldiers recorded when they were attacked on the 18th.

According to the gallant soldier who was one of those who was able to escape with his life after they were overpowered by Boko haram, he said:

“We fought but no better weapons to conquer them because their fire fight and numbers was more than ours, we lost the battle that day with so many casualties, friends and colleagues gone!!”

Nigerians, our hero soldiers need our support more than ever before, let’s remember them in our prayers and also let’s make sure we speak for their welfare and well-being

The Adjutant Commander Gallant Captain Nwaogu killed alongside his boys in the line of duty by Boko Haram.

May his soul rest in Peace

For those POLITICIANS and TRADITIONAL leaders from the NORTH, WEST, SOUTH & EAST who travel from their states to pay condolence when a President, governor, Senator, Rep dies or loses their parents, children or members of their family ….

For those religious leaders from the Christian and Islamic faith who held a national prayer conference when a President, governor, Senator, Rep dies or loses their parents, children or members of their family….

It’s over four days now, you are all quiet over death of over 100 SOLDIERS we lost to Boko Haram, and all of you are acting unaware 😫

Even the Nigerian Army is not flying flags at half-mast in respect of our fallen heroes

Not even a press statement from federal government

This sad news is worse than that of Chibok girls. Those who are defending and protecting our nation are being killed.

Stop demoralizing our gallant men!!!

Are flags not supposed to be flying at half-mast?

Or the Nigerian Army want to pretend over 100 of our sons, brothers and fathers were not just killed by Boko Haram?

Will Service Chiefs be reposted to the North East or will they keep attending to matter of Kidnapping, cattle rustlers and oil pipe line vandals in less troubled regions in Nigeria ?

Buratai must be sacked for this gruesome failure.

FG needs to speak and not cover this great loss. Their family’s needs to be consoled.

In a video, Gallant Nigerian Soldiers Complaining that they are being sent to die (not fight) at the theater of war by Army.

They said that soldiers are being used to make money not fight Boko Haram, as Boko Haram are more equipped than them.

Buratai should be sacked with immediate effect, he has failed in his duty, the death toll of soldiers is too much

This is not acceptable and we should all condemn this.

This so-called Generals have destroyed the standard of the Nigerian Army.

Who is Boko Haram compared to the Nigerian Army of ECOMOG, 1993 as a little boy I remember when my dad went for the ECOMOG peacekeeping in Liberia.

Immediately Charles Taylor soldiers saw the weapons that the Nigerian Armed forces came with they started running for their dear lives.

Few years ago when Yahaya Jammeh of Gambia  lost the election and refused to step down immediately he heard that 800 Nigerian  troops were been deployed to Gambia  he fled for his dear life.

Now the same Army has been turned to boys scout in the eyes of Boko Haram because of stupid politics and so called power.

May God almighty judge everybody that is involved in this barbarian act.

Photos Of Lt Col Ibrahim Sakaba with his wife and son

He was killed alongside his younger brother and over 50 of our gallant soldiers by the Boko haram in Maiduguri.

May the almighty God grant his wife, son, family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. His sacrifice and those of his men not be in vain

May his soul rest in peace

UPDATED : The Commanding Officer -Lt Col Sakaba that was killed alongside his younger brother and over 50 of our gallant soldiers by the Boko haram in Maiduguri.

In that video sent to our inbox of how Boko Haram attacked army base in Maiduguri and killed many soldiers, Both Commanding Officers were killed. (Adjutant & RSM)The Commanding Officer -Lt Col Sakaba and his younger brother were both killed by Boko Haram.

From a soldier. The situation is dire.


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