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Methods to address Nigeria challenges not far fetched – Evangelist

Urges Nigerians to seek, embrace methods of nation building like China, Singapore others As stakeholders blast Govs, INEC, Judiciary for poor performance From Toby Chuks, Onitsha

Onitsha based journalist, author and preacher of the gospel, Evangelist Theo Rays Ejikeme has said that the methods needed to address the challenges facing Nigeria are not far fetched.

He spoke in Onitsha when he presented a message tagged Universal Standard Solution (USS) to the public at a ceremony witnessed by relevant stakeholders. The message according to him is to bring the best of the people for the people and the best of us for us.

The preacher said the key method to address the Challenges facing Nigeria is for Nigerians mostly those occupying leadership positions to borrow the way things are done by the Europeans, Americans, the Israelis, the Saudis and lately the Chinese, UAEs, Singaporeans and Malaysians among others adding that Nigeria leaders have to borrow ideas and knowledge not only money to address the country’s myraid of challenges.

He said that USS is about information on the methods applied by people of the First World countries mentioned above in addressing the challenges of nation building. According to him, what Nigerians need mostly now is information that can aid the inhabitants into a much better life through what they hear and what they see. He observed that the 21st Century Man is a massive citizen capable to do a lot of things based on what he hears and sees.

Dr Chike Obidigbo delivering the keynote address during the ceremony

Hear him: “Your life, my life and our lives revolve around what we hear and what we see. Going by the high level of advancement of things in the world today, it is possible for people to derive methods to wrestle challenges facing them as a country based on what they hear and what they see. So the key method towards addressing the challenges of nation building is to review what the people hear and what they see”

He continued, “as a people of a country, what do we hear about leadership, healtlh, education, money, politics, religion, security, agriculture, sports, and science and technology? These are the most critical areas of life and if we don’t have the right information about them, it is impossible for us to wage a good fight against our problems”

Citing example of what people hear and see in Nigeria he observed thus “in the Southeast people hear that others are marginalizing Ndigbo. They see that Ndigbo have failed to produce the President of Nigeria and occupy other key positions, thus they focus on complaining. Ndigbo should dare to improve on what they hear and what they see and stop complaining. Ndigbo have to hear and see the failure of the religious organizations in their midst, failure of education system they have, failure via culture and life style and go back to the drawing board and find means to address their challenges

“One more instance is: all over the places, Christians crave to hear and see those preaching miracle and prosperity. Christianity is not about hearing and seeing those that preach miracle and prosperity, it is about solving problems, saving lives and making people to be solution providers, not solution seekers. Christians have to endeavor to hear and see what will make them solution providers and saviours. Miracle and prosperity preachers have reduced Christan converts to weak vessels if not loaves of bread

He said that Nigerians have to embrace USS so as to hear and see what will bring the best of the people for the people and the best of us for us noting that “we are our own service and it is high time to galvanise ourselves into a more workable process of nation building under the premise of citizen service to the nation”. He said that citizens’ service as another vital method of nation building as according to him “everything revolves around the citizens. The means and the services are products of the citizens but we live in a country where people don’t really know the value of their citizenship”

He explained more “every village today have educated people, rich people and wise people as citizens that can help solve the problems facing the people thereof through citizen service, but some people limit their citizen service to donating money in the Church, snatching land from poor people and taking advantage of unemployed youth to champion political ambition with thuggery. Is that how to build a workable country?

One more method he said is for the people to develop self esteem towards religious practice and in finding means of solution noting that a situation where people don’t just rely on bit also are ready to die for a Church, die for a religious or political leader is not inline with Universal Standard. He called on relevant stakeholders such as political leaders, government agencies, town unions, Churches traditional institutions, Corporate bodies, NGOs and CSOs to buy into the ideas and knowledge of USS message.

Hon Zeribe Ezeanuna and other paricipnats at the ceremony

Relevant stakeholders such as politicians, religious leaders, Academic/school proprietors, town unions, business men, Market leaders and youth who graced the ceremony concured with the Evangelist and expressed support to assit in propagating USS message. They blasted State Governors and other political office holders including the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) the Judiciary for their failure to live up to the expectations of the people of Nigeria they were called and mandated to serve tasking them to henceforth emulate the way things are done in other countries of the world earlier mentioned.

Renowned Captain of Industry Dr Chike Obidigbo who delivered the keynote address at the ceremony called on Nigerians to put the interest of the nation ahead of sectional interests such as tribal interest, religious interest, regional interest and the interest of political parties as obtained in other countries mentioned by the host here noting that Nigeria will continue to struggle with the challenges of nation building without a positive headway if sectional interests continue to see the light of the day.

Dr Obidigbo said “other countries have different tribes, different religious organizations, regions and political parties but they put the interest of the nation ahead of other interests. Today in Nigeria we talk about zoning and rotation of power. Other countries don’t know about zoning becuase the focus is the interest of the nation at large. Barrack Obama of African background couldn’t have won two consecutive Presidential elections in United States if Americans are interested in zoning. Angela Merkel can’t continue to sit as Chancellor of Germany for the 5th tenure if the Germans are interested in zoning. Xi Jingpin couldn’t have emerged as life President of China if the Chinese are interested in zoning”

Also speaking grassroots politicians, Mr Godwin Ezeemo who is one of the Anambra 2021 governroship aspirants under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) urged Nigerians to endeavor to give those who have the capacity to render quality service the opportunity to serve. Mr Ezeemo who was represented by Hon Festus Ugwa told Ndi Anambra that 2021 is time to elect a man with enough capacity like Godwin Ezeemo as Govenor. Delivering a paper titled Good Governance via Legislation Hon Zeribe Ezeanuna another PDP governroship aspirant for Anambra 2021 berated INEC and Judiciary as disappoinment to Nigerians following poor performance noting that the country cannot move forward without INEC and Judiciary that provide services of credible election and Justice to the common man.

In their words, schools proprietors Professor Justice Chidi and Prince Chinedu Nsoffor harped on how to improve on the quality of education in Nigeria, noting that the country needs education that trains the mind against corruption and indiscipline. Professor said it is time for Nigerians to go for quality standard of education that can provoke Cosmic Illuminati that strong enough to address the ills bedeviling the Nigeria society. Delivering a paper titled Education in the Context of Globalization, Prince described education as the key to developing business and Industrilaztion that can guarantee a sustainable economic growth in Nigeria.

The State Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Anambra State chapter Rev Dr John Ndubisi called on Nigeria to endeavor to selfless service to humanity as such is the key to every method needed for nation building promising to mobilize support for USS among the clegy and community leaders.

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