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Metuh is destroying the image of PDP further – Anambra APC


olisa metuh

Image: Olisa Metuh

The Statement credited to the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the effect that Alhaji Lai Mohammed, being quarrelsome cannot hold public office is a glaring admission of irreconcilable internal contradictions in the PDP and a veer-off from the issues to the body.

It is tough to reconcile Mr Metuh’s unguarded and unguided vituperations with the massive endorsement given to Lai Mohammed in his bid to occupy office as a minister in the government of the Federation, during the just-concluded confirmation in the Senate.

No single PDP senator found anything to raise against Lai Mohammed, yet Olisa Metuh sings a discordant tune about the inability of Alhaji Mohammed to hold public office.

If this afterthought were anywhere near the path of meaning, Olisa Metuh would have found a way to raise it, even as a question to Alhaji Mohammed, but he did not.

One can only conclude that Metuh is yet to recover from the shock of recent setbacks in legislative and tribunal matters of his party and is leaving the ball to attack the leg, a factor responsible for the instituting of a case of libel against him which is still on-going.

We do not pray that Metuh earns another Libel for himself and his party

We hasten to remind Metuh that such discordant tunes is responsible for the dipping of his party’s fortunes  and image in the face of right-reasoning Nigerians and urge him to continue on his current ways ,if his objective is to destroy the image of his party further, and not to build it up.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary

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