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Middle Belt/South Youth Leaders Lament Conspiracy Called Retaliation In Nigeria


Gentlemen of the press and fellow Nigerians, we are saddened by constant disaster befalling Nigeria deliberately caused by Fulani herdsmen.

Killing of innocent people has become the sport of this group of people. Perhaps, they enjoy doing it because government is not serious about tackling it. This incidence is gradually becoming part of our normal life in this country.

There is no sane nation that this problem will continue for over a long period like this that the government has not recorded successes in subduing the situation how much more when some groups of people have always claimed responsibility for the killings.

Homes are no more safe for the people to live, roads are no more safe to ply anywhere in Nigeria by land, schools are no more safe to go to, and farms are no more safe at the farming season.

As concerned citizens who want this country to move forward and resist any temptation of total anarchy, we have carefully raised the following observations and resolutions for the Federal Government to take note of and act on them immediately.


  1. The incessant attacks, killings, and destruction of property are out of the control of Nigerian Government
  2. We keenly observe that there is a State collusion using the herdsmen against some groups of people or parts of the country.

iii.            The Federal Government which is saddled with security responsibility has been paying lips service to the unfortunate security situation.

  1. Despite obvious reasons why government should arrest the two Miyetti Allah groups and proscribe them, yet, government turns the other way and allow them to continue wreck untold havoc on lives and property. Hence, we call on Nigerians and the international community to know that these dreaded groups are Alternative State Institutions to coerce some groups or parts of the country to their biddings.
  2. Nigerian government has failed to defeat Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani herdsmen whose dastardly activities have claimed roughly a million lives and millions of properties and yet government refuses to seek international intervention
  3. We have observed that the Federal Government is playing games with the defense appropriation instead of securing lives and property with it, it is rather leaving people vulnerable to insecurity in order to dip its hand in it in the name of donation to attack victims.

vii.          With the ongoing ugly developments perpetrated by these armed groups and if not stopped immediately, Nigeria is merely heading to total collapse as a sovereign entity.


  1. Leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria and Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore must be arrested and the groups proscribed as terrorist groups with immediate effect
  2. Failure to execute this first resolution above by the Federal Government, it simply means there is a State collusion with the groups to decimate the Middle Belt and Southern people in this country which will soon spark serious war.

iii.            All the Security Chiefs have failed in their responsibilities, including the Minister of Interior, to protect lives and property, therefore, President Muhammadu Buhari should immediately remove them and face a Panel of Inquiry. If the President fails to do this, Nigerians should know that there is a State collusion.

  1. Federal Government should withdraw the pro-Fulani herdsmen ranching policy. Such policy has been the key motivating factor behind the frequent and endless attacks, killings, and displacement of our people in the villages so as to grab lands for grazing and settlement of the Fulanis.
  2. Since President Buhari has told the whole world that the Fulani militia were trained by late Col. Mohammad Ghaddafi of Libya, it means that these people are not Nigerian citizens, therefore, no piece of land in the Middle Belt and the South is available for killers from Libya.
  3. We call on our people (Middle Belt/South people) from all walks of life, home and diaspora, to take up this matter to the highest decision-making level.

We wish to conclude that Nigerian government should wake up to its responsibilities. Government should not be sectional in carrying out its responsibilities. The soul of a nation dies if its government is bias.

What has eaten up many countries in the world is this tendency towards favouring one side and being high-handed on the other.

These people who cause the insecurity are not above what the rest of Nigerians can do about them but as law abiding citizens, we have been waiting on the government which claims monopoly of use of force to exert it on them accordingly but apparently there is no sign.

Government should act now before the rest of Nigerians will go out of hand.

In a very strong solidarity, we condole and commiserate with the Middle Belt people and other Nigerians who lost their loved ones and property in all the attacks by Fulani herdsmen. We want inform that being law abiding is not an act of cowardice.

Be vigilant, resolute and firm in the face of this terror attacks and defend yourselves by any means available. Together we stand united against the common enemy.

Thank you all.


Emma Zopmal

Middle Belt Youth Leader

Hon. Famous Danoumua

Pan-Niger Delta Youth Leader

Olufemi Lawson

Afenifere Youth Leader

Mazi Isiguzoro Okechukwu

Onanaeze Ndigbo Youth Leader

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