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Mike Igini: Who Is Scared Of Such An Upright Man?


Why should I hate a good Man? Why should I be scared of good man if I have a good heart? You hear something like  “Yes he is a good man but we don’t want him here”. Funny? Certainly Not. Sad!

If you sit in your “parlour” and manufacture a list of ad hoc staff and send to Mr. Mike Igini for these elections, you have embarrassed yourself because he will reject your list and you will never like him forever.

If you send people to go and bribe Mr. Igini in order to get election materials before the date, be sure you have just wasted your money and you will never like this REC forever.

It is an established fact that Activist Igini doesn’t give or receive bribes wherever he has worked. He has a track record of honesty and diligence in service.

Not everyone can be bought with more money or material possessions. Not everyone has a price tag. Not every conscience is for sale.

Nigeria has many upright people. That you are corrupt and can’t resist monetary inducement doesn’t mean everyone is.

Instead of wasting time and money to blackmail Mr. Igini who is well known by many across Nigeria to be an upright man, political parties should leave Mr. Igini alone and concentrate on selling their programs to the electorates in exchange for votes.

One thing is certain, as long as Mr. Mike Igini remains the REC in Akwa Ibom State, votes would count to a very large extent and nobody will sit in his or her house to write election results, announce and become a super star.

Igini remains and will continue to remain a nightmare to corrupt politicians who desire to manipulate and subvert the people’s will in Akwa Ibom State.

You see this election? it is strictly one man, one vote, one woman, one vote o. Go back to your village and mobilize o. You must value voters in this election. No shortcut to victory.

Barr. Mike Igini is a no nonsense activist o. If you didn’t know, know it now o.

Adibop o.

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