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Minatory Order By Gambari Northern Youths: My Take —By Dokubo Asari


The recent order by a coalition of Gambari Northern youths to the Igbos and by extension other Southerners living in the North to exit the region by October 1 and tacitly supported by the Gambari northern elders has continued to fill the news and agitate our conversations.

I heard the Gambari Controlled Police has issued a lame order of arrest of the perpetrators, and in spite of their audacity no arrest has been effected to date. 

The same Police and security apparatus that were so efficient in my arrest and incarceration for twenty-two months and eleven days; 

The arrest of Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB for over two years; and the recent arrest; and,

The detention of Nnamdi Kanu of the IPOB on a mere but legitimate call for non-violent self-determination for the despised peoples of the former Eastern region of Nigeria, the segregated and Buhari’s five percenters, a people sentenced by the Nigerian State to modern day slavery, whose territory is only good to generate the resources for the sole enjoyment and benefit of the Gambari Northern ‘slave owners’, the Buhari’s Ninety Seven Percenters.

Buharinomics has ensured that every productive National Institution has been ambushed by the Gambari North – NNPC (Northern Nigeria Petroleum Corporation), NLNG (Northern LNG), even the NDDC is under the direct control of Gambari Northern Emirs and supervised for them by Lawal Daura, the DG of DSS.

The Gambari Herdsmen are licensed to shed the blood of their despised victims to the admiration and at the pleasure of the Gambari Northern Army, Police and other Security apparatus.

I am not questioning the political correctness of all these. Adolf Hitler once said and I quote, “Here I stand with my bayonet, there you stand with your laws, we will see which prevails”.

I hereby call on my Igbo brothers and compatriots living in the Gambari North to come home immediately. It stands logic on its head that you go to someone’s house and the house owner does not welcome you and you insist on staying. 

What laws are you standing on? Laws were made for man and not man for laws.

Come home immediately. Our people say that “The thing wey we find go Sokoto, dey for sokoto (trouser”).

They have graciously granted us the much sort after Biafran freedom and Independence. Alhamdulillah!

Let us wait and see how the Gambari Northern Army will convert this chaos that they so desire to a military takeover of Government in other to perpetuate Gambari Northern hegemony.

Adolf Hitler also said and I quote, “Success is the sole earthly judge of right or wrong”.

I make bold to say that we are right and that they are wrong and that they will surely fail.

Biafran independence had been granted by Allah from his throne and is unstoppable.

History will absolve me.

Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari [Dokubo Asari Justice Foundation]

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