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Missing Abuja lady: Still many unanswered questions (p. 3)

One is forced to ask: Is it a coincidence that almost all the persons arrested/suspected so far in connection with Chacha’s case are from Enugu State? 

Barring any last minute change in arrangement, the office of Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) will be conducting an autopsy/DNA test on a corpse said to have been dismembered beyond identification, allegedly seen in Abuja on the 12th of May, 2016.

The corpse was identified by Lagos lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye as that of the missing Abuja woman, Charity Aiyedogbon. 

This is part of the steps in unravelling the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of ‘’Chacha’’, as she is fondly called.

When conducted, it will:

– put to rest the controversy over the actual identity of the lifeless body, 

– guide the Police in its investigations, 

– confirm Ugwuonye’s claims or deflate his ego and ultimately,

– guide the public, earlier fed with unsubstantiated reports of alleged murder of the missing woman by her ex-husband, David Aiyedogbon.

The dismembered body came into the picture, when Ugwuonye displayed same on Facebook, alleging that it was that of Chacha, directly accusing her ex-husband, David Aiyedogbon of having a hand in her alleged death. 

Hear Ugwuonye:

“I now have overwhelming evidence that Mr. David Aiyedogbon killed his wife, Chacha. David has an idea of the kind of evidence at my disposal.”

In another post on his Facebook group, Due Process Advocate (DPA), Ugwuonye said: 

“This is the headless and dismembered body of Charity Aiyedogbon (posting a corpse on his Facebook handle). 

“DPA has been able to identify this as her body within the limits of resources at our disposal. 

“This body was discovered by school children on May 12, 2016, by accident in a remote area of Abuja, but which is close to Gwarinpa. 

“The body was dumped at the spot, presumably over the night. 

“DPA contact and resources had pursued the trace as to how the body was disposed. 

“We are fairly comfortable with the information we have.”

Anyone that read the above posts will assume that there were some substance in the claim; considering the certainty with which it was made. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing suggesting credibility in same.

First, the missing woman has four grown-up (educated) children and none of them has identified the corpse as that of their mother. 

Her ex-husband of twenty-six years, David Aiyedogbon also never identified same as that of his ex-wife. 

Chacha’s parents are alive and her four siblings are going about their normal businesses. None of them has identified the corpse as hers. 

In fact, as at the time of filing this report, no member of her nuclear or extended family, not even the Police, have seen the corpse paraded on social media by Mr. Ugwuonye, not to talk of identifying same as that of the missing woman.

Following his (Ugwuonye’s) claims at the Police Station that one of the suspects, Jo, whom he earlier claimed was his client, identified the corpse as that of Chacha, the Police re-invited him (Jo- who was on bail). 

Upon arrival at the station, Jo denied him. 

First, he came with his lawyer, saying he neither briefed nor consulted Emeka Ugwuonye as his lawyer. 

Second, he denied ever seeing or identifying the corpse to anyone, including Ugwuonye, insisting that he only saw the said corpse on Facebook, just like many others.

Now, how did the dismembered body come about? How did Ugwuonye come into this and what was his interest? 

He claims not to have met with the missing Chacha ever before, yet he is able to identify her dismembered body in death? 

On countless times, he declared the woman dead, even when her children said she is not. 

Till date, he has not provided any single evidence to the Police to substantiate his claims.

Now without evidence, how do you declare a missing person dead? 

Without a DNA test and/or physical recognition by relatives, how do you identify a corpse? 

Is this what Harvard University, United States of America (that trained Ugwuonye) teaches in its law faculty?

The puzzle of the actual identity of the corpse Ugwuonye will show the Police this week will be solved in the coming days, and I wonder where he will stand if it is confirmed not to be Chacha’s body.

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