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Mitt Romney should withdraw for Trump’s Secretary of State


To save what is left of his dignity, before official announcement of Mr. Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, Mr. Romney should remove himself from consideration. 

 Mr. Romney was my governor once and I will hate to see this his public humiliation keep going on longer. 

He has smelled power and done so many important things in his life: multi-millionaire; partner in Bain Capital; Governor of Massachusetts; ran World Olympics; Republican nominee for the president; etc. 

There are not many people whose resume look as good or better than his. He got it made already.

Most analysts know from day one that Mr. Romney would not be the Secretary of State in a Trump presidency. 

Some analysts wondered why Mr. Romney would accept the post if offered to him, but resolved that it would be an attempt to hijack Mr. Trump’s victory and run his own policy. 

But Mr. Trump is not a fool. And his advisers are aware of this and have said so publicly. 

Why is Mr. Romney persisting when everybody knows that even if he got it, it would be simply for Mr. Trump to lift him as high as he could and then cut him to size. 

Mr. Trump had responded after Mr. Romney’s desecrating remarks on Trump that Romney once would have licked his behind when he ran for the presidency.

Mr. Trump is now letting the world know that he could still make Mr. Romney kiss his behind. Smart people do not expose themselves to public ridicule.

Why will Mr. Romney not be Mr. Trump’s Secretary of state one might ask? 

There is nothing binding both men. Neither has respect for the other. 

They have serious differences in almost everything: foreign policy, domestic policy, economic policy, business acumen, demeanor, immigration.

But above everything else no respect for each other. It can be said that they hate one another. 

Mr. Romney’s comments on Mr. Trump were visceral: “he is a fraud”; “a business man he is not”; etc. 

And Mr. Trump’s response was just as disgusting. He called Mr. Romney a loser and he meant not just that he lost the presidency.

Their lack of respect would carry-over to the running of United States. A foreign secretary must be trusted absolutely by his president even when a mistake is made. 

It must be seen as a mistake. Given the bad blood between these gentlemen a mistake might not be seen as such. 

In foreign affairs of these days, of nuclear weapons, a slip of tongue could be disastrous. The would will ill afford any disaster.

Mr. Romney in Trump’s cabinet would be like having two captains in a ship. There will be too many potentials for “order” and “counter-order.” 

And the promised “disorder”. Some might argue that Mrs. Clinton served as Mr. Obama’s minister after their rivalry during the primary. 

There are significant differences. Their competition was very civil; they both had served in the senate and had a measure of camaraderie; she is/was a lady and he was/is a gentleman.

But not these two; she understood that she could run after eight years; Mr. Romney cannot run again; etc.

What should Romney do?

He should strike a deal with the president-elect and they should announce that after many deep discussions that they could not agree on the way forward for United States, and that Mr. Romney has asked to be taken off the list. 

Mr. Trump might add that Mr. Romney was all along his top choice. 

And Mr. Romney might add that Mr. Trump’s foreign policy would serve the country very well and that he would help in other ways Mr. Trump might want. Or such other diplomatic niceties.

Even if they could not find a suitable language Mr. Romney needs to get out before he is dropped like a hot potato. 

A former governor of the great state of Massachusetts should not allow his person to be kicked around like a football (soccer).

It is not good for our psyche. Mayor Rudolph William Louis Giuliani has demonstrated how it can be done.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts


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