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Miyetti Allah denies links with killer herdsmen, bandits


The Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore has denied involvement with killer herdsmen, bandits and kidnappers ravaging several states across northern Nigeria.

The socio-cultural groups of all Fulani in Nigeria said it should not be linked to such criminal groups, adding that it does not to complain whenever such people are killed.

Speaking to Leadership last night, national secretary of Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore, Sele Alhassan, said their group does not cry whenever bandits are killed.

Alhassan said: “We don’t have relationship with bandits. We don’t have relationship with killer-herdsmen.

“We don’t cry whenever bandits are killed. So, we should not be linked to such people.”

On the call by the Middle Belt Forum for the Miyetti Allah to be proscribed and its leaders investigated, Alhassan said all the campaigns of the Middle Belt had fizzled out.

He urge them to address challenges rather than make baseless claims.

“Middle Belt is a group that has no base. Middle Belt of what? They are politically and culturally confused.

“If they have any case against anyone, they should go to court. They can go to the international court.

“We have criminals in every part of the country. We don’t support killers.

“One emir was making claims because the government wanted to recover all grazing lands.

“Let him touch an innocent Fulani man; the security agencies will go after him,” Alhassan added.

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