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Mob Burns Police Station in Ibadan


A mob has set ablaze an Ibadan police station in Oyo State over alleged killing of a motorcyclist, aka Okada rider, by a policeman.

The mob set the Alakia-Adelubi Police Division on fire destroying six vehicles.

Explaining what led to the incident, the police said in a statement: “Due to the positioning of the men, the armed sentry, Sergeant Sunday Ogunkanmi, who was the last man on the professional positioning, made efforts to stop the motorcyclist and his passengers and consequently, there was a scuffle and they all fell down.

“While the others took to their heels, the apparently already cocked weapon was fired and hit the motorcyclist on the left elbow and grazed his ribs hence, he was hospitalized.

“The concerned mischief-makers, who heard the gunshot, concluded that the man was dead and circulated the untrue story. A spontaneous uninformed angry mob immediately descended on the police team, damaged the windscreen of their patrol vehicle and injured two officers.

“Thereafter, the mob proceeded to the Egbeda Division but was repelled though three vehicles had their windscreens damaged. The mob, not done yet, proceeded to the Alakia-Adelubi Division with a view to burning it down.

“At the scene, all entreaties for understanding and peace were rejected by the multitude. The mob proceeded to attack the officers and men protecting the station with all manner of dangerous weapons, and damaged three other vehicles’ windscreens, part of the police station, particularly the sliding glasses, and vandalized some of the offices and the charge room.

“In the ensuing melee, one of the mobs with 25 litres of petrol began to wet the police station building with petrol and set ablaze part of it. In the process, he was, unfortunately, hit and lost his life on the way to the hospital, while others escaped and normalcy was restored.”​

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