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Monumental Stealing & Financial Crisis In NFF: Whistleblowers Proffer Means To Save NFF

Whistleblowers, under the auspices of Patriotic Football Stakeholders in Nigeria, have listed the way forward to save the Nigeria Football Federation [NFF] from imminent collapse.

The whistleblowers consisting of four football stakeholders —Harrison Jalla, former national coach, James Peters, NFF official, Tunde Aderibigbe and former Super Eagles player, Emmanuel Babayaro — made the demand in a document obtained exclusively by ElombahNews titled “Road Map To Peace”.

In the document presented through president of the National Youth Coalition Of Nigeria, Comrade Weyinmi Agbats following a meeting held at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, they presented a 17 points demand tagged “moving forward” which was expected to be met within 30 days.

According to them, to achieve peace in Nigeria Football, the two players associations, NANF and APFON should be merged immediately as one players Union under the National Association of Nigeria Footballs (NANF) being the foremost and pioneer players Union.

Other conditions listed include:

  • Signing of a collective bargaining agreement with all tiers of the leagues and all the National Teams under the NFF which shall provide the framework within which the players, clubs, all tiers of the leagues and the NFF operates, as well as minimum and maximum players wage, insurance requirement and medical minimum standard, injury payment requirement, hours of work, player image rights, management and the provision of career and well-being programme, licensing and commercial revenue, distribution of prize money, travel and accommodation, grievance procedure, and standard global best practice to fund a comprehensive welfare programme for current, retired Footballers and Administrators.
  • Revenue accruing to Football through the activities of players to include statutory allocation from the Federation account, sponsorship and broadcast rights fees for all the national teams, sponsorship and broadcast right fees for all tiers of the leagues, annual FIFA grants and royalties, players representatives on the NFF Board, two players representatives each on all Tiers of the League Boards, two players representative each on all the boards of the States Football Association including the FCT.
  • That all the current League Boards having been constituted at variance with the NFF statutes be dissolved forthwith.
  • To create a new league of elite professional football referees well remunerated and motivated to take charge of NPFL and other Leagues, as well as set up a records and statistics department and football museum to tap into the football tourism business.

Owing to the nagging conflict of interests between NFF officials and coaches/players, they demanded:

  • The NFF technical sub-committee to come up with a template that reflects standard for the employment of coaches, and for the invitation of players to the National Teams and that all technical staff of the NFF be fully employed and that their salaries and emoluments be regular.
  • To offset all outstanding and accrued entitlements to Coaches of the National Teams and Players allowances and that all NFF Board members engaging as Players Agents should be sanctioned.

To curb the corruption monster that has eaten deep into the fabric of NFF, and to ensure accountability, transparency, probity and adequate record keeping, they demanded:

  • Immediate withdrawal of NFF monies with Financial Derivatives Company Limited and return same to the NFF domiciled account.
  • That all revenues received and all funds payable to NFF including all forms of receipts, refunds operating surpluses, transfers, donations, sponsorship fees, agreement levies over payment, taxes, grants, money gifts, customs duties, etc. be paid into NFF TSA accounts in compliance with the Federal Government policy on Single Treasury Account [TSA].

See attached the document for perusal:

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