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Mothers Don’t Give Birth to Fela Kutis Anymore; Present Nigerian Entertainers Are cowards

The Nigerian A-list Celebrities Have Betrayed Their Star Status


Most Nigerian Celebrities and A-List Entertainers Are Corporate Beggers and Anti-Change Agents

Have you ever wondered why our celebrities, entertainers and showbiz people tend to not use their star power to push for political change in Nigeria like the late icon Fela Kuti .

Well, I have done so several times and just like everything that is wrong with the unitary feeding bottle structures in Nigeria, I have found a logical explanation for it.

Look around you, most of the entertainment shows that are done in Nigeria, like your big-big ogbonge Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt gigs for A-LIStT celebrities are sponsored by the government or their hangers-on.

Accomplished comedians like AY, Ali Baba became millionaires because they benefitted from the prebendal, rent-seeking and nepotistic systems in Nigeria and as such, even their prodigies are coached to be less provocative, fall in line and attract governmental sponsorships for their own shows to enhance their own growth.

The real money in Nigeria is in the UNITARY central government. the private sector unlike in the advanced climes have no powers to put the government under pressure. The entertainment sector is more or less an appendage of the unitary system.

Hence, our musicians will prefer to sing about Ukwu, Breast, Cassava, Yansh and some other senseless lyrics like 30 BILLION FOR THE ACCOUNT OHH!! and Onye nwe panty no n’ilo (Like who cares?)

Damn! I do not blame these guys, In fact, I understand them. Edress Abdulkareem was destroyed because of his lyrics. They stopped inviting him to shows. Tuface was threatened and he ran with his tail between his legs. These guys make good money from live shows and not necessarily from record sales ( Who sells records nowadays anyway?). Who wants to jeopardize his source of livelihood so easily than the genuinely radicalized ones?

What these our celebrities do nowadays is to join politics and become worst than the people they found there. I mean, the unitary system finishes anyone and everyone it comes in contact with. The other day Desmond Elliot donated a Toilet to his consistency. Not flabbergasted at all, I mean Toilet, Idiot, and Elliot, they all sound the same.

Go to any entertainment shows n Nigeria, the A-LIST shows and see who buys the high tables and front row seats. It is your politicians and their friends. If they do not buy your high tables or VIP tables, your show will flop. You will be on your way back to your village, TOTALLY FINISHED.

We are in trouble. WHO WILL SAVE THIS COUNTRY? Everyone has their head deep in the ground


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