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Moving Forward on Buhari’s Appointments


Now that President Buhari has submitted the “saints” for ministerial positions, the next step will be to find what follows.

1. The constitution calls for a ministerial post for each of the 36 states and FCT for total of 37 ministers. With 21 down we have 16 to go. Some of the remaining 16 states did not get anybody in the inner circles appointed before or now in this set of new nominations. They have no investment in the PMB administration as now constituted.

2. I will like to assume that the 21 nominees would be the minister–in-charge and the remaining ones would ministers in the ministries. In other words, auxiliary ministers. I will find it hard that PMB would not tackle important maters first before going to the less important ones.

3. I suggest that the senate would make their confirmation a “pass and greet affair”. There is no need for strong evaluation besides no sensible person would want to pick a fight with PMB at this time.

4. I suggest that 21 be the total ministries PMB would work with if he is to cut the costs of his administrations. He could park the remaining ministers under this 21 primary ministries.

5. For the major ministries like finance, education, agriculture, health, transportation and power where results would quickly accrue to the citizens, he should have just one minster to avoid any rivalries and load up on the obscure ministries.

6. There are not enough women among the nominees. PMB should make up this deficiency by appointing the few to power ministries. If there is not quantity let at least there be quality.

It is amazing that it took 4 months to identify these nominees. But that is water under the bridge. The senate should quickly confirm these men and women so that they could get things moving.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts

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