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Mr. Atiku Abubakar, Lets Walk The Restructure Talk


As l watch Atiku Abubakar make his acceptance speech, l hope and pray for a truthful, mature, fresh and united people of Nigeria determined from the depth of their hearts to give the owners of Nigeria you and l; our rights to build a new nation based on liberty, equity and justice on truth where all the people of Nigeria no matter the number of your ethnic nationality are equal.

I watched with excitement the most transparent, free and fair primaries in Nigeria. I truly believe this is meant to be, and l believe that Nigerians especially we the people of the Niger Delta can begin to stand up firmly for our rights and choose men, women and youths to work for us, with us and to serve us and jointly begin to build a nation of liberty, equity and justice on truth.

Nigerians don’t have to be members of any political to take their rights and rebuild a country of our choice for us and our future.

The future of Nigerians depends on what ALL Nigerians want for their States.

Ms. Annkio Briggs

I always shy away from offering advice to any government in power, but this advice is different and an exception today as it is an advice from the NDSDM, the advice is that the PDP political party should not waste time rejoicing over what it has achieved today.

There is a lot more to achieve collectively, a lot of work is ahead, but PDP can’t achieve any with us the people.

The PDP should take note that Nigerians of all ETHNIC NATIONALITIES are willing, yet skeptical but hoping for a change and are eager to work with the party for the change of the people, by the people.

We the people are on ground waiting, it is up to the politicians to hit the ground running to meet us so we can achieve the change of Liberty, Equity, and Justice.

The PDP should never forget that the people have give the party a second chance and to he party cannot afford to disappoint the people of Nigeria. To disappoint Nigerians will be to destroy Nigeria.

To Nigerians this is the opportunity to take your power back, to the Electorates, this is the time to realize the power of your rights, especially your rights to be registered as an Electorate and to guard that right not to sell the right to vote the right candidate.

To the Niger Delta people this is the final point where you change and secure the future of our region and children’s children.

As a Niger Deltan, the Convener of the NDSDM and an advocate for Restructuring, Federalism and Self-determination in Nigeria l am glad to hear the PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku accept the nomination as the flag bearer for his Political Party because the Niger Delta people along with others can begin the process to discuss the path to Restructuring, when and how to achieve Restructuring of Nigeria.

We go into a general election in 4 months knowing exactly what we want. We must be very clear that in the past 100 years we have paid a huge price to hold on to Nigeria as citizens, we will not beg to be citizens

The NDSDM commend the aspirants who have accepted that Atiku is the flag bearer of the party, and have agreed to work with him to achieve the best for Nigerians.

To the PDP Presidential flag bearer Atiku Abubakar the NDSDM say time is limited, and that all our votes will be cast based only on the agreement reached on the time frame of RESTRUCTURING and what Restructuring will secure for the Niger Delta region and people.

The Niger Delta Self Determination Movement also congratulate Atiku Abubakar as the flag bearer for the PDP in the 2019 General Elections.

Finally, l commend and congratulate Governor Wike and the PDP of our great Rivers State.

I am proud that the process was free, fair, credible and transparent.

That the PDP Presidential Congress was in Rivers State is the beginning of greater things to come to the Niger Delta region.

The NDSDM call on all the ETHNIC NATIONALITIES of the Niger Delta region to put the interest of the Niger Delta region and people First, it is the right thing to do if we truly want to serve ourselves and region.

The interest of a political party should come second to the interest of the Niger Delta region and people.




Annkio Briggs



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