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Mr Ishaq Akintola Of MURIC Is A Chameleon


This piece is a direct response to a press statement credited to one Mr Ishaq Akintola, the director of MURIC; Muslim Rights Concern in Nigeria. In what I interpret as childish rants and lack of intellectual tact, Mr Ishaq Akintola called the executive Governor of Rivers State an ‘Analogue Governor’ just because he declared Rivers State a Christian State.

I consider the statement of this MURIC director as an affront to the people of Rivers State. Mr Akintola lacks the moral standing to chastise the executive Governor of Rivers State for any reason. Wike just announced the position of the Rivers people to the global community.

The author, Kalu Nwokoro Idika

He is only a messenger. In fact, I want to congratulate the Governor for having the temerity to say what other political wimps in the Eastern region of Nigeria wouldn’t have ventured into until they chicken out of office. Wike is a charismatic leader blessed with a brave heart.

The executive Governor of Rivers State just fired a warning shot to those political dinosaurs who arrogantly think their way of life will be foisted on others by hook or crook. The Governor has drawn the battle line for those criminals championing the Islamization madness in Nigeria. Whosever that is not ok with this position can as well dash his head against a rock. Considering the incessant killings and craziness to establish Fulani hegemony in Nigeria, there is need for every man to protect his territory. The Governor is acting from a pro active angle. It is better to arrest the situation before it happens. Without his present declaration, more lacuna will be created for Islamic Jihadists to creep in.

Mr Ishaq Akintola, the director of MURIC is another chameleon in the making. I wonder what triggered his anger and vociferous rants over a noble statement made by the Governor. If Mr Akintola doesn’t know, a lot of evil is happening in Nigeria. There is need for any executive Governor in the country to protect and ensure the safety of their people by using any available arsenal at its disposal. The porous security situation in Nigeria is escalating on a high scale. There seems to be an obvious synchronization between the scoundrels fomenting this insecurity and the politicians who control the security architect at the top when looking at their lukewarm approach in quenching this ugly trend.

The ‘Analogue Governor’ of a statement is nothing but an invitation to unnecessary gossip. Christians in the Northern region of Nigeria have been squeezed into a tight corner through various Islamic laws made by the Northern States. We have seen scenarios when innocent Christians face harassment and arrest because of eating in the public during RAMADAN. We haven’t forgotten how a pastor’s wife was beheaded in Abuja and another woman mobbed by a crowd of Islamic fundamentalists who accused her of blasphemy. These Christians were killed and the criminals who orchestrated these abominable acts never considered if Nigeria is a secular State or not. Till date, these rampaging killers are walking freely. No court within the Northern jurisdiction has the mojo to prosecute them for their heinous crimes. The Northern leaders of Nigeria have proven in words and actions that the North is truly an Islamic caliphate. This is a statement of fact.

Mr Ishaq Akintola should stop masturbating over the statement of Governor Nyesom Wike. His unguarded and hypocritical verbal attack can’t change the present position of the good people of the State. This NEXT LEVEL of Mohammadu Buhari and his cohorts requires one to be tough or the children of perdition will overrun everyone. There is a subtle attempt to intimidate, coerce and muzzle others into accepting an alien and corrosive religion by some depraved elements. So, Mr Ishaq Akintola shouldn’t think some leaders from the South will fold their hands and watch while marauding hooligans stomach their constituents. Something must be done to preserve the safety of the people.

MURIC should stop acting as an attack dog of the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria. The executive Governor of Rivers State is in the right track by declaring Rivers state a Christian State. Let every man secure his territory both religiously and politically. This is not a matter of ethnic chauvinism but a moral fight to defend the people against wicked invaders.

However, the ‘Analogue Governor’ of a statement made by MURIC director is a rotten talk which is bereft of common sense. MURIC in a way is aiding the Islamization agenda in Nigeria under the notorious cover of pursuing an unrealisable one Nigeria project that exist in their figment.

Conclusively, Rivers State is a Christian State even without the hard working Governor making that noble and realistic statement. Any disgruntled element that is not comfortable with this present position can fall sick. Let every man declare his state religion as it is been done in the Northern Nigeria. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst and Freelance journalist; E-mail: Kalunwokoroidika@yahoo.com

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