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Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton May Still Win This 2016 Election


The voting is over and Mr. Donald Trump has received the call from Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton conceding the election to Mr. Trump. And as they say “America has spoken” – in the manner of electoral language required by the constitution Trump won. In the manner of everyday English language majority of Americans said that Mrs. Clinton won by over a million votes. But since the language of the constitution is the official language in the electoral process the President-Elect is Mr. Trump. But Clinton may still win this election by the back door. Mr. Trump will implement Mrs. Clinton’s policy initiatives and would abandon his campaign manifesto.

And abandon his supporters.

How can this happen and why will it be so?

It will be so because Mrs. Clinton’s prescription for America is the medicine that would heal America while Mr. Trump’s initial prescription would destroy America. The early indications are that the Trump Administration will try to administer the destructive Trump’s medicine and then realize that they had a wrong prescription. They will then turn to Mrs. Clinton’s prescription.

Item1. The appointment of Steve Bannon as the Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor. Mr. Bannon is a well know figure in the extreme right diverse organization known as Alt Right. His racist views are well known and include rejections of minorities’ place in America, including anti-Antisemitism, Islamophobia, deep association with neo-Nazism and the desire to make America “White again.” He is considered a White Nationalist. Before joining Trump’s campaign as his CEO, Bannon was the executive director of Breitbart News, an outlet he described in July as a “platform of the alt-right.” He is a co-equal partner with the Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Mr. Bannon is the representative of majority of Trump’s supporters who would like to “change America.” The effort to implement “the change” they desire would split America so much that street fights might ensue.

That would make governing impossible.

Item 2. The appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General. Mr. Sessions claim to fame is his hatred for immigrants. He is an early supporter of the southern wall, a promoter of massive immigrant deportations, closing the door on Mideastern immigration, harsh treatment of undocumented immigrants. His appointment is a dagger to the hearts of Hispanics, Arabs, and Africans. Mr. Sessions has labelled ACLU as “un-American and communist” trying to force civil rights down the throat of people. And his position opposing civil rights, LGBT, abortion rights, and promoting capital punishment, etc. are well known. As Attorney General it is obvious that he would not enforce laws as written but as he believes it should have been written. In taking this position he would make American small.

That would make governing impossible.

Item 3. Appointment of Congressman Mike Pompeo as CIA Director. The position of CIA director is a sensitive position that calls for neutrality, but Mr. Pompeo’s extreme conservative position is anything but nonpartisan. He is opposed to Iran Nuclear Deal, and reopening Benghazi probe. If he starts promoting the idea to tear to pieces Iran Nuclear Deal he would lead USA into conflict with the rest of the West. The deal was not a USA only deal. The last thing US needs now is a conflict within NATO and Western Alliance. Reopening Benghazi probe would be opposed strongly by Democrats and would be a witch hunt. If he changes his stance on these areas he would offend his hard-right supporters. If he loses his supporters he would lose his position in the administration. It is a catch 22 circumstance. Mr. Pompeo must decide what to do if the president orders the promised resumption of water boarding interrogation methods already denounced as torture.

Item 4. ETC.

These appointments suggest two things promoted by Mr. Trump during the campaign (a) Extreme Right Tilt and (b) US withdrawal from the world or isolationism. None of these would be in US national interest. US needs the world as much as the world needs US. Both positions are opposed by majority of Americans as demonstrated by the majority who voted for the opposite positions called for by Mrs. Clinton during the campaign. They are opposed by the mainstream Republican Party. Mr. Trump will therefore be facing not only the Democrats but also the center right Republican members. An intra-party revolt will be a disaster and governing would be difficult under these conditions.

If governing becomes difficult, it will force Mr. Trump to change his beliefs. A change in promises invariably makes the president unpopular and deserving of punishment. Remember “read my lips: no new taxes” promised by Bush 1. He violated this promises and that ended his presidency and his place on the presidential list.

Can President Trump afford it?

He may not afford it but he will have no choice than to implement Mrs. Clinton’s agenda. The entire purpose of campaigning for office is to implement one’s vision of America. If Mr. trumps begin to implement Mrs. Clinton’s agenda, then Mrs. Clinton would have won the election. It will merely be a case of ‘The voice is the voice of Jacob, yet the hands are the hands of Esau.’ [Genesis 25:22]



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