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Muhammadu Buhari, His 2-Headed Dragon & His ‘War’ Against Terror (2)


This is the same Boko Haram that they told us had been “technically defeated” two years ago and whose leader, Abubakar Shekau, they claimed to have killed a number of times over the last three years but who keeps popping up all over the place like a bad coin.

This is the same Boko Haram that they took 1 billion USD from government coffers a few weeks ago and claimed that they wanted to use it to fight.

The truth is that they have told us yet another lie and anyone that believes the fanciful tale that the money was used to fight Boko Haram or any other terrorist organisation will believe anything.

Now that the Dapchi girls have been kidnapped, the Government will allocate to itself yet another 1 billion USD and tell the Nigerian people the same old story.

Buhari has failed in his so-called war against terror and against Boko Haram and he appears to have lost control of his own security forces.

The whole thing is a mess and a sham and, to some, it is also a money-making venture.

The final clinger and piece of compelling evidence of the sheer insincerity of purpose, irresponsible disposition and utter depravity of the Buhari administration was made manifest when the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, proudly announced to the world that no less than 100 fighter jets had been deployed to look for the 110 Dapchi girls!

Such was the absurdity and magnitude of this particularly shameful mendacity and so embarrassing was it for the Buhari regime that the very next day the Nigerian Air Force was ordered to set the record straight, compelled to admit that the Minister of Information was lying and constrained to clear the air by telling the world that 100 jets had  NOT been deployed to look for the abducted girls.

Meanwhile at the last Council of States meeting, which took place in mid-February, President Buhari walked past the embattled Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, refused to shake his hand, looked him in the eye and asked “how are your cattle rearers?” with a big smirk on his face.

This is all he had to say to a man whose people, for the last three years, have been subjected to mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide by (according to the International Terror Index) the world’s “fourth most deadly terrorist organisation”, Nigeria’s second most deadly terrorist organisation and those same Fulani herdsmen and cattle-rearers whose welfare he was asking after.

Buhari did not offer his condolences for the latest round of killings in Benue state which had taken place a few days earlier, he did not ask about the families of those that had been slaughtered and he did not ask about the morale of the people in the state.

Instead he asked about those who have been slaughtering, butchering, tormenting and torturing them for the last three years and those that have been raping their women.

This was callous, cold-blooded and sadistic. I watched  the whole thing on video and, as I did, chills went down my spine.

I was utterly perplexed and disgusted by his nonchalance and dismissive attitude and by his manner and disposition.

If anyone doubts what I have said I challenge them to search for the video on YouTube and see it for themselves.

Sadly no less than three days after this strange encounter and the President’s chilling question and inappropriate behaviour, Ortom revealed the fact that in his state 60 more innocent souls had been butchered by those same cattle-rearers since the mass burial of the 73 that had been slaughtered in January.

He also revealed the fact that the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen had flooded his state with over one million cows!

Sadly the governor was to receive even more shockers after that. On the night of Sunday March 4th the Fulani terrorists attacked and slaughtered scores of people in Guma, Benue state, burnt down at least 20 houses and displaced no less than 200 people.

Again there was no intervention made by the Armed Forces to protect or defend members of the indigenous population and neither were any of the marauding and killer herdsmen and terrorists apprehended, arrested, brought to justice or shot by our security agencies.

The truth is that whether it is Boko Haram or the Fulani terrorists Buhari is not in the least bit interested in fighting or stopping them.

As a matter of fact he thrives on their blood-lust and he appears to enjoy the horror and terror that their blood-fest inflicts and unleashes.

Consequently both heads of the two-headed dragon that he bestrides and rides have been busy feeding on the flesh and drinking the blood of the Nigerian people.

Then came a shocker!

On the evening of Tuesday 27th February, as I was about to board a plane at Abuja airport for my flight to Lagos, I received a phone call from a beautiful and courageous daughter of Numan in Adamawa state.

She told me that Fulani terrorists and herdsmen had just killed our very own friend and brother, Prince Sam Zadok. I could not believe my ears and I fell into a state of utter shock and disbelief.

Sam was a pride to the PDP, a rising star in Nigerian politics and an honest, noble man with impeccable credentials and unimpeachable integrity.

He had such a bright future ahead of him and so much to offer Nigeria. He was a Prince of the Royal House of Numan, a former Commissioner of Youth and Sports, a former Special Advisor to a Governor and the spokesman of the PDP in Adamawa state.

They not only killed him but they also killed 19 others that were with him whilst they were on their way to commiserate with the families of other Bachama sons and daughters that had been slaughtered by the same Fulani terrorists in Gwampa village just two nights earlier.

About 50 Fulani herdsmen ambushed Sam and his co-travellers and they did not just kill them but they also desecrated and maimed their bodies, removed their eyes, cut off their vital organs, cut out their tongues  and literally cut them to pieces.

It was so bad that their remains had to be buried immediately and in the dark of the night without the youths of Numan seeing them otherwise there would have been an immediate response, a vicious, bloody and unprecedented backlash and a series of devastating reprisal killings.

Those that murdered Sam Zadok and the Numan 19 are not human beings: they are animals. And as far as I am concerned Zadok and those that fell with him are martyrs because they were killed whilst they were attempting to defend and protect their Bachama kinsmen.

I was restless throughout the flight to Lagos and utterly heartbroken that such a brilliant and courageous young man could be cut short in this way whilst in the prime of his life.

I was so devastated by what happened to him that I proceeded to Prophet TB Joshua’s SCOAN Church in Ikotun for an unscheduled visit immediately after landing in Lagos in order to consult with the man of God and to secure prayers for Sam’s precious soul.

TB Joshua has himself been a victim of terror and he knows how it feels. On 12th September 2014 his Church was blown up by rogue Islamist and jihadist elements in Nigeria’s intelligence and security agencies with the loss of over 200 lives and the whole thing was covered up by the government and made to look as if the building had collapsed because it had a faulty foundation.

Despite that terrible experience, and as a consequence of his faith in God, hard work, commitment, dedication and prayer, Joshua was able to rise up to the occasion, get up on his feet and soldier on.

This, coupled with his raffish charm, disarming simplicity and remarkable humility, has impressed and inspired me immensely and made me proud to call him my brother and friend.

Since that horrific 2014 incident he has not only pulled up his socks and gone from strength to strength but he has also offered tremendous solace and comfort to the poor, the deprived, the wounded and the broken-hearted and to the relatives, loved ones and friends of victims of similar incidents and other tragic events.

I can testify to the fact that he is a kind and gentle man that is filled with nothing but love and compassion.

Given all this it was only natural for me to go and see him from the airport in an attempt to seek his counsel and wisdom and tap from his strength.

Sadly I did not meet him in the Church that night because he had apparently travelled out of the country and therefore I proceeded to Ikoyi to spend what can only be described as a sad, painful and sorrowful night.

Whilst the entire nation mourned Sam and the other heroes of Bachama that were killed that night, the people of Numan themselves were filled with anger and rage.

As far as they were concerned this was yet another unwarranted and unprovoked attack on their people by the Fulani terrorists who appeared hell-bent on igniting a full scale tribal war!

Reflective of their rising anger were the words of the Acting Chief of Lawaru Numan, who, in response to another brutal attack that took place towards the end of last year, said,

“Buhari sent the Fulani to kill us. After that the Nigerian Air Force deployed their jets to drop rockets on our houses. We wanted to defend ourselves, the Fulanis attacked us. They killed my father, he was cut into pieces.”

This sort of thing is not only a regular occurrence in Nigeria today but it is also an unfolding nightmare and a tragedy of monumental proportions. Yet it does not stop there.

Just as my trauma resulting from the cold-blooded murder of my friend Sam was subsiding, no less than 48 hours later the news broke about a yet another devastating attack by Boko Haram on a predominantly Christian IDP camp in Ranna, Borno state.

The reports confirmed that hundreds of poor refugees and other innocent men, women and children were slaughtered, including some United Nations workers, Medecine Sans Frontiers staff and other foreign and domestic doctors, aid workers and personnel.

Worst still the military base in Ranna where many of them ran to for protection was also attacked, overrun and overwhelmed.

The soldiers were overpowered and swept aside, scores of people were killed and guns, weapons and all manner of munitions were stolen from the armoury and carried away by the Boko Haram insurgents.

It is important to point out that this was the same IDP camp in Ranna that the Nigerian Airforce dropped bombs on in January 2017 which resulted in the cold-blooded murder of no less than 200 poor and innocent refugees, most of whom were women and children.

The only explanation that the Air Force and government gave at the time was that the bombing and consequent loss of life was “a mistake” and none of the pilots involved were brought to justice or faced any sanctions.

That is the type of insensitive, callous, barbaric, unacceptable, inept and unaccountable leadership that Muhammadu Buhari has provided for our people and for the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Meanwhile the two-headed dragon of Boko Haram and the Fulani terrorists that he rides and derives his strength and power from has continued to relentlessly feast on the flesh and blood of the innocents in our land.

Permit me to conclude with the following: two days after Boko Haram attacked Ranna in Borno state, Fulani terrorists and herdsmen once again unleashed massive slaughter, carnage and terror on the indigenous Christian population in Mambilla, Taraba state.

Many of the  local indigenous farmers and their families were butchered and chopped up into small pieces after they were dispossessed of their farms, homes and land.

Two days after that, on Sunday 4th March, the Fulani terrorists attacked a number of farms in Abraka, Delta state and not only massacred scores of innocent people, including women and children, in cold blood but also raped the women and cut off the fingers and toes of those that they did not kill for “daring to resist” them.

Rarely have such horrific events been witnessed in our shores.

Under Buhari’s watch our nation has become a theater of war and a veritable human abattoir where mass murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, terror, fear, ritual killings, barbarity and all manner of evil reign.

He needs to be stripped of his power and removed from office whilst the two-headed Whitewalker dragon that he rides and with which he torments and bestrides our nation like a colossus must be mastered, tamed, brought to heel, slaughtered, beheaded, carved into pieces, burnt to ashes and buried in the deepest recesses and bottomless pit of the filthiest pubic latrine.

May God deliver Nigeria!


Muhammadu Buhari, His Two-Headed Dragon And His ‘War’ Against Terror (Part 1)

“No-one is more hated than he who speaks truth” – Plato.

These deeply profound and insightful words of Plato, Ancient Greece’s greatest and most revered philosopher, who was a student of the great Socrates and a teacher of the great Aristotle, are as true today as they were in 400 BC when he wrote them.

You will not read the following account about President Muhammadu Buhari’s so-called “war against terror” in Nigeria’s mainstream media because they have mostly been compromised and intimidated by the Federal Government. You can however read it in this two-part essay if you are interested in knowing the truth.

I urge as many of those that care and that can get through it to spread the word and let the international community know the truth about what the Nigerian people are passing through.

Despite the hatred and aggression it always attracts towards its purveyor, truth remains truth and, for the sake of posterity, it is worth defending and, if necessary, dying for. And the truth about our war against terror is as follows.

Today Nigeria is in the terrifying grip of a bloodthirsty two-headed dragon which is empowered, fuelled and energised by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The first head of that dragon is that of Boko Haram and the second is that of the Fulani herdsmen and terrorists.

This two-headed dragon feeds on the flesh and blood of the Nigerian people and until it consumes or captures every living soul in our nation it shall not relent, refrain or desist.

I say this because, like the leader of the horrendous Nightwalkers in HBO’s famous classic series, “Game of Thrones”, the rider of Nigeria’s Nightwalker dragon is our very own President Muhammadu Buhari and he brings nothing but death and destruction.

Those that expect him to master it, tame it or cut its two heads off are expecting him to drop his most awesome weapon and to fall out of the sky in mid-flight.

He will never do it and it will never happen because that is his strength, pride and source of power.  He needs the two-headed dragon from hell to take him to his next destination and to his next level.

Simply put, without the blood-sucking, flesh-eating, bone-crushing and life-taking dragon-beast that he controls and rides, Muhammadu Buhari is nothing.

Blood is the currency in the realm of the spirit and the spilling of it gives him power. The more blood is spilt the more power he gets.

This explains why such little emotion is displayed by our President and next to no concern is shown by him when the people of Nigeria are abducted, enslaved, hacked to pieces and slaughtered by either of the two heads of his beast.

When one scrutinises Buhari’s so-called war against terror over the last three years the first question we must answer is whether we can really expect one terrorist to fight another terrorist successfully?

Simply put, the question is whether darkness can defeat darkness or whether evil can overwhelm evil?

Consider the following.

In 2000 Buhari asked the late Governor Lam Adesina of Oyo state “why are your Yoruba people killing my Fulani people” when Fulani herdsmen and terrorists suffered a series of heavy reprisal attacks and killings after they had attacked and killed many Yoruba farmers in Oyo state.

In 2001 he told the Nigerian people that “Muslims should only vote for Muslims”.

In 2001 he told the Nigerian people that it was his intention to “spread sharia law ALL over the country”.

In 2002 he told the Nigerian people that “Christians have no business with the matter and should not complain when limbs are being cut off in the name of sharia because those limbs are Muslim limbs and not theirs”.

In 2003 he proclaimed that the Muslims of Nigeria should “all work together and win power at the centre because when the Muslims of the north join hands with our  Muslim brothers in the south-west we are more in number than the Christians”.

In 2013 he told the Nigerian people that “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North”.

In 2014 his trusted political associate and a man by the name of Alhaji Lai Mohammed from Kwara state who played a key role in his 2015 presidential campaign and who was later appointed as his Minister of Information announced to the world that it was “wrong, unjust and unconstitutional to proscribe Boko Haram and to describe them as a terrorist organisation”.

In 2016 his official spokesman at the Presidency, Mr. Femi Adesina, told the Nigerian people that Buhari would not comment on the cold-blooded butchering and murder of no less than 808 Christians in Southern Kaduna on Christmas day and Christmas eve by Fulani terrorists because the Presidency “regarded the matter as a state-affair”.

In January 2018 Buhari told Governor Samuel Ortom and the elders and traditional rulers of Benue state that “the Fulani herdsmen and cattle-rearers are your brothers and you must find a way to accommodate them” after those same terrorist herdsmen had butchered over 1000 innocent people in Agatu occupied their land two years ago and hundreds more all over the state since that time.

And it is the same story all over the Middle Belt and the south where Fulani terrorists and herdsmen slaughter innocent Nigerians in the most gruesome and horrific manner and circumstances and destroy and steal their homes, farms and land without any fear of being brought to justice or being resisted or confronted by any of Buhari’s northern-Muslim-led security agencies and Armed Forces.

So now I ask, which “war against terror” or “war against Boko Haram” or “war against the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen” are we referring to or is Buhari fighting? Can he really be expected to fight himself?

To people like Buhari, unarmed men and women who do not threaten others with violence and who have never killed anyone, like members of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB, are the terrorists; whilst murderous and zombie-like beasts that take pleasure in slitting open the throats of babies and infants and in slaughtering thousands of innocent and defenceless men, women and children are not.

I am sorry to tell the world and the Nigerian people that the Federal Government has been lying to them. They have not been waging any serious war against terror, no Fulani terrorists or herdsmen have been arrested or brought to justice and Boko Haram is as deadly and strong today as it has been in many years.

If anyone doubts that they should find out how many local government areas Boko Haram control and how often they attack and carry out successful operations in major cities in Borno and Yobe states.

They are killing as many people today as they did five years ago but the difference is that the government has suppressed the information and ordered a media blackout of these terrible events.

On the abduction of the girls from their school in Dapchi, Yobe state the situation is even more pathetic because it could have been avoided.

When you pay millions of dollars in ransom to Boko Haram over 3 years, when you lie to the world that you have defeated them, when you release thousands of their foot soldiers and commanders from prison and claim that they have “repented” and when you compel the media to suppress the truth about the gains they have made in parts of the country why should you or anyone else be surprised about what happened in Dapchi?

It was bound to happen because you have empowered and emboldened them!

Worse still is the fact that the Governor of Yobe has said that the soldiers that were guarding Dapchi were removed 24 hours before the attack and abduction took place.

The question is who gave the order to remove them and why?

Again the fact that military intelligence (DMI) had formally informed the Nigerian Army and the Federal Government that an attack on Dapchi was imminent and that the warning was brushed under the carpet and ignored raises even more questions.

Finally some time back the Daily Trust Newspaper and BBC Hausa Service reported that on two separate occasions the military came very close to capturing Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, but that they were ordered by someone in Abuja to step down the operation, back off and let him go at the last minute. This again begs the question: who gave the order and why?

We need to know what is really going on because it looks as if some of these people were complicit in these terrible and shocking events!

All this is bad enough yet nothing exposes the level of deceit and insincerity of the Buhari administration more than their reaction to the abduction. First they said “no girls were kidnapped!” Then they said “sorry we lied!”

Then they said “ALL the girls have been rescued!” Then they said “sorry we lied!”

Then they said “SOME of the girls have been rescued!” Then they said “sorry we lied!”

Then they finally admitted that 110 girls had been taken and that none of them had been rescued, seen or heard from since. WHAT A GOVERNMENT!

Worse of all some of the parents of the abducted girls were detained, threatened and harassed by security agents and the military simply because they told the world the truth about what has happened to their girls and because they were exposing the lies that the government kept churning out.

If anyone doubts this they should please ask Stephanie Hegarty of the BBC who has done an excellent job in this respect and who has kept the international community aware of all the events with her twitter handle and her excellent reportage with the BBC.

That is how bad the situation is and our government has clearly lost control. They are more interested in covering up their own deceit, incompetence and complicity than fighting or stopping the activities of Boko Haram. (TO BE CONCLUDED).

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