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Muslims killing Christians, when will the church fight back

Late Mrs Eunice Olawale [pictured] was murdered at about 5:30a.m. on Saturday, 09 July 2016, as she went for early morning preaching (Morning Cry) close to her residence. Her throat was slit, with her head rested on the bible she used for preaching.

Among the early callers at the residence were wife of the Vice President, Dolapo Osinbajo, who visited the family at about 12:30p.m.; wife of the General Overseer of RCCG, Mrs Adeboye, and the Bwari Area Council Chairman, Musa Dikko.  

Condolences however, is not enough!

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is rich and powerful enough to work with the authorities or pressure the right institutions to fish out those murderers. It has the resources to go it all alone too. Not doing anything, and instead “leaving everything to God” is a horrible abdication of civic duty.

It’s wrong before God. It is wrong before Man. It’s sinful. Its even worse when you say ‘we are not demanding justice we just want her killers to repent’. That is akin to dancing on this woman’s grave.

The God you profess to serve said He is a God of justice. Justice is indeed the focus of the scriptures. Justice is not a one way traffic. The RCCG owe the dead woman, the preachers in that community, our society and the entire criminal justice system the civic duty to bring its overwhelming resources to use here.

Where it fails to do so, it won’t claim to be innocent of any such future murders – and there will be more, because in the absence of certain and swift punishment crime thrives. People only resign with that pathetic prayers when it involves nobodies -Na God Go Punish dem. We leave everything to God- when they are nobodies.

When you have the mega resources but refuse to employ such in the pursuit of justice to a logical end you have sanctioned injustice. You have encouraged the criminal to go and sin some more.

Imagine if G.O. himself was the one involved? Would the church have folded its hands and waited on God? Would someone have had the audacity to insult our intelligence by saying we don’t demand justice?

This is not about the Mosiac tooth for tooth or Jesus’ turning of the other cheek. This is about making sure you have another cheek to turn and after being slapped again still retain enough teeth to be able to chew and even thank your God afterwards. Folks can’t be running around burning religious houses and killing preachers while you have the resources to freeze them forever in mid-crime and yet you do no more than let CAN issue useless statements.

While the big men of the church are guarded 24/7 by top class security operatives, ride in bullet proof cars and live in gated estates, this woman and other members are left to their fate. We can’t even hear the church call on the government to improve their welfare and security of lives and property.

And even upon the gruesome death you declare that you don’t demand justice but the repentance of the killers. Who told you that justice and repentance are mutually exclusive and can’t be served side by side? Oh, they might repent but they must pay for the crimes they committed.

The RCCG and the VP whose wife we heard visited the dead woman’s home must ensure that the murderers are handed the appropriate lessons -if for nothing, to forestall future killings.

Who knows, were loads of fanatics and their clerics in jail already would the new one we heard about the Catholic church have happened? Teach these criminals the needed lessons according to the law.

You have the might, you have the resources. What are you waiting for? God?”

-Uwama Precious. 

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