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My 2019 Political Predictions  ~ by Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

(1) This year , Nigerians will unite against Dictator .

(2) Nigerians will vote Buhari out .

(3) Attempt to rig the election will fail .

(4) Cabals within Buhari govt will try to corner President Buhari for him not to hand over , but he will face Gbagbo treatment if he dares .

(5) Many Governors will betray Buhari in 2019 , as they are going to join Nigerians to remove him .

(6) Buhari will be defeated in most Northern States especially North Central and North East .

(7) Buhari will loose in South West .

(8) PDP moles in APC will hijack the electoral logistics in APC and lead APC defeat from inside .

(9) The defeat of Buhari will make investors to rush into Nigeria .

(10) Yaya Bello will be defeated in Kogi .

(11) Dino will laugh last .

(12) Deji will be free and  sue Nigerian Police for unlawful arrest and detention .

(13) Buhari will put pressure on INEC to shift the election .

(14) This Current IG of Police will face trial and likely to end in prison .

(15) Ambode will join PDP and going to run for Governor again under PDP in future .

(16) Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State will not be able to put his successor .

(17) If Gov Obiano tries to support Buhari in 2019 , voters of his state will be so angry to the extent that they will make sure that he doesn’t win one House of Assembly seat .

(18) Gov Umehi will be die hard supporter of Atiku -Obi ticket before the election .

(19) Ike Ekweremadu will retain his position as Deputy Senate President .

(20) Nigerian economy will bounce back starting from the middle of the year 2019 .

(21) Adams Oshomole will be arrested for corruption .

(22) Tinubu and Buhari camp will fight over the control of APC leadership and Adams Oshomole will be forced to resign .

(23) Rochas , El-Rufai , Yari , Amosun , Fayemi etc will regroup to fight Tinubu over APC leadership .

(24) INEC will not be able to rig the election for Buhari .

(25) Buhari will arrest more opposition leaders , yet he will not win the election .

(26) CPC group lead by El-Rufai in APC will regroup against ACN group lead by Tinubu .

(27) Buhari will be forced to arrest Tinubu after the election and Tinubu will mobilize OPC members for protest against his arrest .

(28) Many people that had wanted to run away from Nigeria will change their decision .

(29) Nigeria Stock Exchange will boom .

(30) Recovered Abacha loot will be probed .

(31) The defeat of Buhari will change the political narrative in the Country .

(32) Many self acclaimed Prophets will be ashamed as most of their ‘prophecies’ will not manifest .

(33) Aisha Buhari will support Opposition to kick out his husband’s regime .

(34) Judges will rise against Executive Bully and stand for Justice .

(35) Atiku /Obi led Govt will make Nigerians to be proud of their country again .

Let me end here for now … I will give Vol 2 .

Happy New Year Nigerians!

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

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