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My Dream Last Night On Atiku ~ By Odilim Enwegbara

I had this unbelievable dream last night.

First, I had it and woke. And back to sleep I had exactly the same dream repeated.

I have thought about it since morning and decided t share it with someone very close to me.

Here is the dream: Atiku eventually won at the Supreme Court. And for a week Nigeria was shutdown. Nigerians had no limit to their happiness that schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, hotels markets had Nigerians in full celebration.

Within a month, his inaugural ceremony took place. It was so colorful and such a big deal that the US Government alone sent a delegation of 400 politicians and business leader led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Chinese President Xi, Indian PM, Russian President Putin, French President, and German Chancellor, etc. all led their nations’ own delegations.

That day Nigeria suddenly looked like a nation having its independence with every Nigerian unable to hide their happiness and hope for a new Nigeria. Even Boko Haram and IPOB declared permanent ceasefire as they gave their allegiance to Atiku

Surprisingly, President Donald Trump showed up two months later on another colorful state visit to Abuja.

But what surprised me most in the dream was that the US Ambassador to Nigeria approached me and whispered to my ear during the gala night in President Trump’s honor:

“Mr President told me to inform you that tomorrow morning he would want to have you for a breakfast, Mr Basil.”

Shocking because having refused an official appointment in Atiku Administration, I couldn’t believe what President Trump could want for a breakfast.

Another surprise during the private breakfast, came when President Trump before over 50 American business leaders announced:

“Basil, Nigeria is going to rise so fast and during the next four years it is going to become the world’s largest construction site.

“I personal want you to help protect and promote US investment interest in Nigeria during this period.”

Even though I was unbelievably excited, I responded: “Mr. President that is why Atiku is President.

“I know he will do that for all nations and better than I, especially given the fact that I have no portfolio in his cabinet.”

Now up to you dream interpreter, our pastors and prophets. What do you think?

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