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My house was burgled but the Police extorts money from me – part 2

By Chin Akano


Follow up to my post a few days ago about the case of massive burglary of my home in Nkwerre in 2016 and the ongoing court case.

That post opened my eyes to the gross ignorance of Nigerians even some that claimed that they are learned men.

It opened my eyes to the level of rot in the system which has reset their mindset and psyche to accept an anomaly as a norm.

They contend that if you are a victim of crime, it is up to you to see that the state prosecutes the matter diligently and get a conviction.

They made me aware that i messed up the case by not hiring a lawyer immediately. They refused to understand that though i am the victim, the case is not mine.

I am not the prosecutor but just a prosecution witness, though i am the victim and complainant. I have no particular gain from this case, more that any other in the society.

The criminals who burgled my home , if allowed to roam the streets, can also burgle your own home and even murder you, and so it is in the iinterest of the state to get these criminals off the streets and reform them if possible.

But in Nigeria, it is left for the victim to do all this. They think the case is for the benefit of the victim.

This case came up again in court this week and one of the members of Nkwerre Vigilante who arrested the criminals was to give evidence. He asked for money from me through the lawyer that i have now retained to oversee the case.

Now there is a lawyer involved for the prosecution at my expense. I sent N10k to him through the lawyer.

This morning the lawyer told me that the case could not go on because the witness ( vigilante man) said N10k was too poor. Shocking.

The lawyer did not see anything wrong with this attitude. Case was adjourned again. She told me that the witness said that the criminals offered him N300k when he caught them and he turned them down and that i was too big to offer such a poor amount.

The lawyer saw nothing wrong with this mindset. She told me this morning that if witnesses do not give evidence, my case would be struck off.

Excuse me lawyer, it is not my case, i said to her. Please if he refuses to testify, return my N10k, i am not adding a kobo on top. I do not make money to feed idiots.

I will not cure their poverty just because i am a victim of crime and they think i am rich. I will not fuel that corrupt, selfish and greedy mindset.

The lawyer i retained will read this. Read my lips i do not give a damn now if this case is struck out or criminals acquitted. My stolen and damaged properties will not be returned. For sure heads will roll afterwards. My Promise.

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