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My injury from use of mobile phone that doctors would never have been able to figure out

Just like joke, a few days before Christmas I started feeling pain on my smallest right finger. I did not take it serious until I went out. I can’t remember now what I went out to do, but what I remember is that the pain increased tremendously and it was very painful driving back home. I observed the pain continued even when I was not driving. All this while I did not think of going to the hospital because I didn’t know what to complain about and thought the pain would probably go away. I kept thinking and trying to recall how I could have hurt myself. I thought I may have put my hand in some awkward place while asleep or something. As I got home, I went straight to my bed, called “Onyem na aruru oru” (my employer, as my relative referred to her during the yuletide, you guys may relate with Oga at the top) and asked that she buy a bandage and paracetamol on her way back. When she got home, she tied the bandage after applying some hot balm and then I took the paracetamol. After a while I felt better. I also called a colleague who know about “Igba Okpukpu” (traditional orthopaedic) and enquired on how tight the bandage should be. We loosened the grip as recommended and I continued my rest.

A couple of days later, I felt better and eventually removed the bandage though the pain did not completely go away. But then it was “Eureka” on Thursday 2nd January 2020 as I figure it all out. It came as a flash and I realized I was suffering from the use of my Samsung S8, a slick phone for which I had devised this “three point anchor” system as a way to avoid the phone falling off my hand. I loved the slickness of the phone and did not want to put a guard on it since it would mask the beauty of the phone. I eventually put the guard but only after the phone slide through my pocket as I was sitting down during one office town hall engagement.

The three point anchor system involved putting my little finger victim under the phone while the thumb and middle fingers provided crossbars by the side. When I mentioned the discovery to “Onyem na aruru oru”, the thought was that it was apparently from my over stay on the phone. I asked her not to shake the table too much and countered it had nothing to do with the length of time I used the phone but on how I handled the phone. None of my family members had reported such an experience because they do not use any three point anchor system like me.

What then came to my mind was how difficult it would have been for any doctor to diagnose the problem if I had visited one. I would have probably been placed on pain relief drugs. And it reminded me of a colleague that complained about how her son developed an ailment and when she took the boy to the hospital, they diagnosed him with Nystagnus, which is an involuntary repetitive eye movements, an ailment that made the child behave as if he had albinism. It later turned out the boy was only suffering from lack of sunlight! Yes, sunlight! How can you explain that one and how would the doctor have known that? She was so lucky she ran into someone that informed her she also had the experience. At the end of the day, carrot juice, vegetables and prayers was all that was required to fix the kids problems.

I thank God I was able to figure out the problem and have now changed or trying to adopt a new holding system as I still find myself going to the old way from reflex. It is interesting how I have formed a reflex just from less than two years of using the phone. I even heard Kim Kardashian has had a similar problem and it was part of the reasons she got a personal photographer to be taking her pictures. It is interesting to realize how some of our strange illnesses may after all not be caused by our imaginary enemies as some folks would want us to believe. We may just need our simple reflection on our lifestyles to figure out the problem. In most cases, we do not even need any drugs to get healed. Only change of lifestyle may be required. As we get intoxicated by technology everyday of our lives, we need to pay attention to its side effects, especially this blessed 2020. Happy New Year folks!


Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Friday 3rd January 2020


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