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My Latest Distraction And The feast Of The Pentecost – By Peter Obidike 


We walked quickly, trying to catch up with the time, on getting to the door, I could smell it! that aroma, that scent that gets you in the mood. You sure will know what I mean if you are a catholic. That alluring smell from the incense that connects you to the presence of HIS holiness, it sure smells sweet, so sweet I fell in love with HIS presence as we took our sits to enjoy the Mass.

But I could not help but continue to look to and fro in search of the one for whom we came. I couldn’t help but not pay attention for now at whatever was going on until I found my price. I quickly excused myself when I realized what was going on. I felt I was distracted from the Mass but reassured myself this is one distraction I was happy to have. Scanning through their backs, I knew her height and shape of head, so finding her should not be a problem however the sitting position might be. But as the service went on, it did not take long before we got talking.

‘Today is the feast of the Pentecost, fifty days since the celebration of Lent,’ the Reverend father announced as he began his homily. The disciples had different tongues such that the people around heard their own languages and wondered what was amiss. That understanding of the different tongues was to be the subject of the preaching. Interestingly for me, it did not take long for us to talk to each other for at that point, she turned and looked at me and I blew her a kiss. Did I hear they call it telepathy? I don’t know. All I knew was that she was sitting right there, the fifth on the second row to my right and when my heart called, she answered, turned and smiled in response to that kiss. At that point, it made total sense to me, all that the Reverend talked about in his explanation of different tongues, how that different people understood the different tongues differently during the Pentecost and I could not but conclude that, she and I just spoke in our own tongue in the midst of all these people.

Even before the announcement that it was the feast of the Pentecost, it already felt like it to me. The feeling was exactly as that Mass of the Holy Spirit I talked about in my essay “Our first visit and the mass of the Holy Spirit.” The announcement then served to rub things in as I relaxed myself to enjoy HIS sweet presence. The choir rendered songs to suit the occasion and in one particular case, repeated this song so many times as if they could hear my plea for them not to stop. I sang along, raising and lowering my voice to match the tempo.

But if you think I was the only one that was distracted during this service, you may not be entirely correct. For sure we were all listening to the sermon, but when it was time for offering, the first opportunity we had to face the children, I observed as I took my seat that most of the other folks had their eyes turning to and fro in search of their loved ones. And you could feel that excitement and the widening of their lips as they said hello, waved their hands and in most cases, out rightly damned the consequences of other people’s eyes by reaching out to hug their loved ones.

In all these, the Reverend father was mindful of the mood and expectation, thus, he knew to keep the sermon short so that the party could begin. It is the first visiting day in the term and on a feast of the Pentecost! May the joy of the Pentecost fill our homes and Nigeria also, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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