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My man of The Year 2015


The year 2015 offered me the opportunity of meeting many of the peoples’ governor’s aides, but one person stood out as an outstanding persona, who by dint of hard work and commitment has in less than a year in the peoples’ governor’s cabinet etched his name in the hall of the triumphant as a relentless administrator.

Engr. Kingsley Uju Chima, the Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations), Imo State Government and managing Director, Imo State Oil Producing Area Development, (ISOPADEC) has distinguished himself as my man of the year.

This is not a treatise in hero worship or an exercise in partisanship; it is a celebration of excellence.

The job of a Chief of staff and a Deputy Chief of Staff are neither for the weak nor for the faint hearted. They are the unseen hands that arrange and tidy the daily itinerary of the governor and thus have a huge role in calling his attention to pressing State matters and ensuring the governor’s attention is allocated to all State matters.

Hon. Kingsley Uju Chima, cuts a figure of a tireless aide whose propensity for tidying up the operational activities of the governor and also restoring peace, and actualizing a better and efficient Imo State has become a passion.

Hon. Chima, a worthy son of Ohaji Egbema, has risen against all odds in grasping and internalizing the people’s governor’s concept of a better Imo State and acts as his transplant personality in every given task. His gravitas as one of the engine rooms of Imo State government has been on a clinical level.

Since his appointment, as the managing director ISOPADEC and saddled with an almost intimidating range of challenges facing ISOPADEC, hope seemed to have been restored in the oil region. The punctilious Chima has been able to coordinate, manage and diversify the activities of ISOPADEC to make it efficient. Youth restiveness, which before his appointment as ISOPADEC chairman, was on the increase has reduced drastically. He was able to curb it by encouraging his people to start looking beyond oil but rather should look inwards and return to agriculture. His forceful push for an efficient representation of the oil producing areas in the government of Imo State is producing results as Imo State government has already signed MOUs with foreign investors in the development of the agricultural sector, especially in the area of palm plantation in the area which will not only provide job opportunities but also raise the Internally Generated Revenue of the State.

Hon. Chima, has a strong distinct personality with an unlimited amount of energy and passion to succeed in every aspect of his career. With a ground swell of support from the grassroots, mostly from the youths, his personality cult is increasing by the day and that explains the army of youths who follow him on every appearance.

His humility, simplicity and approachable nature may be the reason why he’s always assigned to handle issues concerning youths and youth restiveness on behalf of the governor.

The delegation of Ndi Eze, youths, women and members of the political class who accompanied him on an impromptu Christmas visit to the governor in his country home, Ogboko, Ideato South LGA, is a demonstration of his popularity with the people and his extra-ordinary insights in the accomplishments of the Rescue Mission Agenda of the peoples’ governor.

In his characteristic candour, he assured the peoples’ governor that he won’t ‘let grass grow under his (the governor’s) feet’ in finding a lasting solution to the crisis rocking the Imo plantation and had thanked the governor for the developmental projects he has carried out in Ohaji Egbema, including the free education at all levels in the state.

I have seen in this ebullient gentle man qualities that make future leaders.

Joseph Chimezie, writes from Owerri, Imo State; 08106592852, purelytoexpress@gmail.com

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