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My new found passion watching the Sun

Sometimes you will not be able to tell where it all started but all I know is that I have started liking the Sun recently, chasing after it like a babe. You can imagine stopping on roads while with my family and stepping out of the car to take a shot of this awesome babe. One of the latest I took in the village I titled “Uzo Ulo” as it depicted the path that one would typically follow in the cool breeze of the evening as our ancestors walked back home from their farms. “Chasing the sun” is another title I gave one of which I took as I got to the village and observed the babe in front of a big lorry taking Gods children down to their homes for Christmas. Even Laura Obidike, the Author of “LEAPS TOWARDS THE SUN” has exploited my busy body behaviour as she asked that I stop in front of Madonna University teaching hospital Elele, so she could take a shot at the school sign post. She mentioned a class friend of hers goes by the name “Elele” so she wanted to take her name to her! And of course her book even caught the bug.

Interestingly, this new fever came a couple of months before Christmas. I suspect it came from my initial admiration of the views from the balcony of my room. That my brother I told you about that built lovely houses for people in 2018 helped build this one for me. I heard he is taking orders already for 2020 and that those that got in contact with him as I advised in 2018 went home for Christmas with smiles on their faces as he delivered beautiful homes with balcony’s from where they can watch the Sun like mine. Chuka Obidike can still be contacted on 08033362613 and he can build your house like it is you! His work is humbly guaranteed by www.peterobidike.com.

So back to the SUN joor. You see, it was not only the Sun I started watching but it started with the Sun. From that balcony, you just cannot resist appreciating the mosaic patterns that forms every evening! It was so fascinating I had to share and share and continue to share. Then I remembered our primary school knowledge that the Sun sets in the East and rises from the West. My brothers and sisters that was how I figured out the direction of the West from my balcony. That meant the East was on the other side. Yes the other side was another part of my room window but I have only a small peep through that side. The small peep is heavily compensated by the view in my company’s car park. Meeeeen!, you need to visit the car park early mornings. Breath taking is the word from the views in the mornings. That was how I discovered the direction of the East! I read the Wise men in the bible came from the East and that added to my admiration of the views from the car park. Added to that it meant it was the direction I needed to head to if I were to go home since I come from the East as well. Choi! Did I just discover another thing? That I am part of the Wise men! Jesu! If wise men come from the East and I come from the East, it is a No-brainer to conclude I am one of them now! Wonderful! Please why have they not awarded me a PhD already with all these discoveries in a single Essay?

The Sun views are getting attention and I see the bug is catching a couple of my friends. A friend was admiring my admiration of the Sun and talked about the Maslow’s hierarchy. You have to be comfortable in Nigeria to have the luxury of spending time watching and admiring the Sun was the view. But that may not be completely true as any leisure can actually serve as medicine for the soul in this our chaotic Naija I responded. Appreciating the work of nature and God can take your mind off issues in life and provide healing without you knowing it. It gives opportunity to reflect on the maker of all those beautiful views. I mean think about it, every evening on that balcony, the painting is different, with various shades of colours.

And it is not only the Sun I watch these days, the clouds have also taken centre stage, matching the Sun beauty for beauty as they display the works of our Almighty Maker. Sometimes I have even videoed the cloud while in the plane as I reflected on how wonderful it would be to go out of the plane and walk on the clouds just like Nonso’s Chi did in the “Orchestra of Minorities” by Obioma Chigozie. I am happy I found the Sun and if you are yet to do so, better find a reason to do so. It is good for your health!

Today is my brother Osita Obidike’s traditional wedding and I am sure his wedding will be bright and beautiful just like the Sun. Happy married life Osita!

Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Saturday 4th January 2020.


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