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My problem with Governor Willie Obiano


This is awful. Horrible. Anambra State governor chartered two planes, closed out two hotels in Houston for 10 days, gave spending money to 179 people, etc.

All state money, state resourses. Just for the graduation of HIS daughter.

In doing so, he has effectively ruined his tenure in the state.

He has taught Anambra people and the nation, especially children (future leaders), that it is okay to channel public resources to personal use.

He has taught his daughter and other children a horrible example.

This is horrible. There is nothing good in this. 

I refuse to believe that Obiano, who could not find the money to tar Orie Utuh Akwuata Court Road would find the money to send 179 from Anambra on a jamboree in the USA.

That is political suicide if true. 

179 people from Anambra are in 2 hotels in Houston. 179 people from Anambra are at a graduation at a Houston University. 

For what? Is this not another wastage of public funds that Anambra State needs?

How can he do this, while people are starving and dying?

He should not waste the money that Peter Obi saved.

I thought the man Obiano had any sense in his head.

If Anambra folks deny Obiano a second term, it will not be solely because he sponsored 179 to his daughter’s graduation in Houston.

Primus lied that Road Construction Equipment were on Oye Utuh Akwuata Court Road. And Primus was here in the US.

Maybe Obiano’s administration is plagued with liars and lies. 

We would also like to know the guys who accepted these bribes in the form of a jamboree to the USA for a graduation when there was no money to tar Orie Utuh Akwuata Court Road. 

All I want to is concrete proof that 179 folks accepted all expenses paid jamboree to the USA when there wasn’t a kobo for Orie Utuh Akwuata Court Road.

It is spelled political suicide.

APGA should consider holding a primary, if Obiano sponsored 179 folks from Anambra on an all expenses paid jamboree to Houston. 

Above are some of the reactions that followed my reports yesterday that Governor Obiano Sponsored 179 officials to USA for Daughters graduation in the USA.

Nebukadineze Adiele summed up my feelings succinctly when he wrote regarding the report:

The problem with Nigeria, Nigerians, and ndi Igbo is the shameful tendency of only pointing out others’ shortcomings or even law breaking, but not of theirs or of those related to them.

David Iloani appends PhD to his name but basks in the shamelessness of not seeing anything wrong in Anambara state governor abandoning his job to attending his daughter’s graduation in far away Houston, with some aides at the government’s expense.

This governor, for at least a year ahead, knew the date of his daughter’s graduation. Had he any decency or respect for the limited wealth of Anambara state, he would have scheduled his annual leave to coincide with this graduation, so that his presence would not cost Anambara state any money not budgeted for such frivolous personal matter. What sickens me is that the Igbo who are expected to denounce this flamboyancy are excusing it, just because some of them, like Iloani, were invited to “come and chop”. 

Anambara people’s parochialism and hypocrisy are beginning to annoy me, for they remind one of how folks from that neighborhood sabotaged Biafra before the first bullets grazed our land.

On these forums and on this subject matter, we have Anambara men, men of intellectual heftiness — going small just on account of clannish solidarity with Obiano. Had Fulani done what Willie Obiano is criminally doing here, these Anambara men would have raised hell hypocritically. 

A year ago, president Buhari’s two children (a daughter and a son) graduated jointly from some university in the UK. The president did not abandon his duty post with aides, at government’s expense, to attend the graduation; he instead sent Aisha, who went in her capacity as a parent, not as First Lady, and at their family/personal expense.

Can anyone swear that Anambara people’s money is not being spent on this personal matter of the governor’s daughter graduating from the university? Is such an expenditure appropriate, ethical, or even lawful? If not, why are folks not entitled to questioning it? 

I hate Willie Obiano mainly because of his penchant for flamboyancy and prodigality with the people’s money. From what I understand, this guy retired from the banking sector and was practically impoverished (relative to his status now) while living here in America thanks to Green Card lotto. But he was saved from himself by governor Peter Obi who, in the most despicable political naivety of the century, made him governor.

Instead of imbibing the ethical and lawful conduct with which government businesses are handled in America, Obiano has been conducting himself and his administration in the most depraved flamboyancy and vindictiveness imaginable only under Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, yet some Anambara men of substance are not only closing their eyes to these ills but are also going along with them? Is it not shameful enough that the governor’s daughter was educated outside of the state he governs?

Ok, if we make an exception that the young lady was already a student when her father became governor, why is this governor too indecent a human being to not do this graduation low keyed, at least to not steal the limelight from his daughter?

Now we are talking about the governor’s entourage, not the young woman’s accomplishment, is it fatherly to bring such distraction and subtraction to one’s daughter on her graduation day?

Willie Obiano is a fool for always hugging the spotlight irrespective of who gets shoved aside as he hugged on. If Anambara people reelect this Obiano to a second term as governor come October, then Anambara people shall have given up their otherwise excellency in leading Igbo in intellectual achievements dating back to Zik, Achebe, Ekwensi, Ojukwu, Chike Obi, etc. 

I don’t like showmanship, especially when displayed at the expense of the state. I loved Peter Obi, Buhari 1.0 and governor Balarabe Musa for their frugality with state’s resources. I don’t like Willie Obiano, mostly because of his penchant for flamboyancy, prodigality with state’s funds, and power drunkenness.

There is no reason, other than galloping arrogance, that he could not have handled this graduation matter silently and dignifiedly. Anambra people cannot reelect this man as governor; they  must look to UPP for the next governor of Anambara state. 

Ogbuefi Ndigbo

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