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My Problem With Muhammadu Buhari —By Charles Ogbu


One of the most outrageous accusation I’ve had to contend with is the accusation that I hate president Muhammadu Buhari. Some people believe my issues with him are not unconnected with the fact that he’s a northern Muslim.

I consider the people who make this unfounded allegation as either criminally ignorant or mischievous or even both. 

First, the late president Umar Musa Yar’Adua was a Northerner. He was a Muslim. And he was from the same Katsina state as Buhari. Yet, even the devil was in love with him. 

Nigerians loved him and even held church vigil praying for him when he was ill. When Yar’Adua came to office, he crashed the price of fuel which his predecessor, Matthew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo hiked. 

Umaru didn’t just stop at reducing the price of fuel, he also reversed the sale of national assets the Ota farmer, OBJ, had gifted to his cronies and friends under the guise of privatization. 

The late university lecturer-turned president did so many other wonderful things. He gave love to Nigerians and got the same love in return. 

Now, let’s look at Muhammadu Buhari, another Northern Muslim Katsina-born Fulani man just like the good man, Yar’Adua of the blessed memory.

Buhari won a keenly contested election which was preceded by one of the most divisive campaigns in Nigerian history. 

Rather than embark on healing process, he went to a foreign media to boast of how he would discriminate against those who didn’t vote for him as if the whole country was under obligation to support a particular candidate in an election. 

And true to his word, this man started implementing a demonic 97% versus 5% policy of discrimination. 

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, this man graduated from ethno-religious discrimination to using soldiers trained, equipped and paid with tax payers money to kill the same citizens he’s being paid to protect while protecting the same terrorists he’s being paid to kill.

Members of Boko haram once rated the deadliest terror group are being released from prison and gifted with a juicy amnesty package and Fulani herdsmen once rated the 4th deadliest terror group got 1 billion naira in the 2016 budget.

They are currently being protected by a strong army taskforce which Buhari himself donned a military fatigue for the very first time in over 3 decades to launch, a day after these Fulani criminals killed not less than 81 people in Benue state. 

Just so you know, these two terror groups all share the same region and religion as president Buhari and they are both from the 97% region. 

Meanwhile, right here in the East, members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra do not bear arm. They neither kill, maim, rape nor bomb people into extinction like the aforementioned two terror groups do. 

Yet, Buhari has continued to visit them with the crudest and most primitive form of death.

On February 9th, 2016, members of IPOB had gathered inside a school field in Abia state, to pray for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. They were not blocking any road, they were not even on the street. They were inside a school field singing praises to their God. (I have the video.) 

Yet, Buhari’s uniformed murderers invaded their praying space, took positions as though they were targeting ISIS terrorists and opened fire on these unarmed prayer-chanting Igbo son and daughters and parents. 

At the end of the rain of bullets, dozens lay lifeless while hundreds were injured. Dead bodies of the IPOB members were confiscated by the killer security forces. 

No single policeman or soldier has been punished for this heinous crime. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own finding.

On the night of May 29th, 2016, IPOB members had gathered inside a church in Onitsha to remember Biafra heroes but right inside this Christian holy place of worship, Buhari’s killing machine came visiting. 

There, dozens of IPOB were killed, most of them in their sleep, according to a detailed report released by Amnesty International. 

On the 30th, these same uniformed vampires went to different locations in Onitsha and killed hundreds of IPOB members (Amnesty International put the figure at not less than 150 but suggested it could be far higher than that) and bathed others with raw acid to ensure they die a very slow but painful death.

After killing these unarmed non-violent IPOB members and spraying others with acid, this same army burnt the dead bodies of these IPOB members to conceal evidence of their savagery and even started going from hospital to hospital arresting the injured and taking them to undisclosed locations. 

Don’t take my word for it. Please search for that Amnesty International report.

Now, here is where it gets worse: During a live Aljazeera interview, an Aljazeera Journalist wanted Muhammadu Buhari to watch the video of the murderous activities of his soldiers against IPOB but this conscience-less man refused. 

In fact, his countenance changed the moment the woman mentioned the topic. Boldly written all over his face were, “those soldiers should have simply wiped these useless people off the surface of the earth”

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