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My suspension, Nzuko Ora Nnewi and posterity ~ By Augustine Ike


Nnewi Kweeenu! — Nnewi!

Nnewi Kwezuonu!! — Odimma Nnewi!!

Dearest Beloved,


We must have found last week very challenging, consequent upon my rebuttal of the piece written by the Honourable Commissioner for Information; Anambra State. C. Don Adinuba.

Seriously, the situation is not as difficult as it appears, but like any political society cum formation, it provided the avenue to deal with varying political differences.

I do not have to look into the constitutionality, because I am not a judge, but we all have a copy.

For the avoidance of doubts, the prestigious Uruagu Nnewi Community Council sat on the matter today and have issued a communique.

The Secretary General will also assume the functions of the Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi, until such a time COVID-19 challenge is resolved and the whole community will look into the matter.

While this last, I urge us all to be law abiding and do not get involved in any form of social unrest or join issue with anybody in my defense.

I am convinced that Uruagu community in her wisdom will do justice to the matter.

Soyinka in “The Man Died” , presented a dialogue between the man and the Tortoise.
Tortoise; “men kill for money and inflict pains by means of lies and treachery”. To the Tortoise the man replied, “I murmured for their Raven heart, yet blood must floor a grievous flood, bravely guarded boldly split”.

I must also extend my unreserved apology to Hon. C. Don Adinuba, whom I presumed ought to have digested this criticism and made peace with it, either as a father or politician.
The Kantian categorical imparative holds, “do unto others, what you wish be done unto you”.

Honourable Commissioner, I hope you consider my position and apology too. We all in one way or the other criticise public office holders too.

Hegel, in his “Philosophy of Spirit”, posited that growth can only come when each Thesis leads to Antithesis and from both we get a synthesis and back to another thesis, it continues add infinitum.

At least, I now know too well not to criticise too hard, a man of your nature and I sincerely hope you forgive.

On a lighter note, I know you wouldn’t like to join less vital issues to your Press Release in the nearest future.

Meanwhile, you can forward your writing for some of us to criticise , before publication as the Government belongs to all of us and the funniest part of it is that those who criticise a Government, loves the Government and wish the Government well.

Shakespeare, “if we meet again we shall smile”.

While my community use this moment to look into my relationship with the Government of the day in all it’s ramifications, I will use this break to think of how to make Anambra better, if it means me running for the Governorship Election come 2021 or boldly supporting a candidate who will have disposition to accommodate my world view towards a better Anambra.

I must not fail to appreciate my community and Nnewi for giving me the opportunity to serve to the best of my abilities as I have grown and learnt a lot through this service so far

I will always give my best to Nnewi and Ndi Nnewi now and always

Long Live Nnewi!

Long Live Anambra State!!

Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI) Ikedoji
Dip. CAM, Dip. L.L, B.Phil, B.A.Hons, B.Sc. M A.

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