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My Top Covid-19 Take Homes

Covid-19: Lessons Learnt From a World and Nigerian Perspective

1) Covid is as real as Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Common Flu, HIV, and the rest of the killer diseases. Covid exists.
2) Over time, the Covid issue has gone from being just a health science and medical science issue to a POLITICAL one. If you don’t see this, then you have not been following. Anyone who thinks outside the mainstream Covid narrative is tagged a “Conspiracy Theorists”. Don’t fall for it. if things don’t add up or make sense, then we should be asking questions. Don’t allow anyone to demonize you with tags.
3) Its actual impact is being exaggerated by media owners with political interests, Big-Pharm, and Control Freaks hell-bent on giving the world another vaccine. The reason for the latter is still very disputed.
4) WHO seems to be interested in a vaccine-only solution and has taken a position that frowns at all suggestions of any other alternatives a’la Hydrochloroquine and Remdesevir and the Madagascan Drug despite MEDICAL DOCTORS from across the world insisting on the potency of the aforementioned drugs as treatments. This is very worrisome. Smacks of terrible foul play.
5) I refuse to believe that all these FRONT-LINE MEDICAL DOCTORS are wrong and that only WHO knows what is right. I think WHO, Bill Gates, and China have something up their sleeves. Positive or negative? Things are still very vague. WHO cannot be trusted until after a complete reform and restructuring of that organization.
6) New York City has done anti-body testing in its city population and has found that the %45 of New Yorkers have COVID anti-bodies in their system. These are people who never got sick.
7) The above simply means that the mortality rate of Covid goes down to below %0 since about %45 of their people had it and did not even notice it. Add this %45 to the official number of the infected and then subtract the %mortality and you will get the picture. Stupid to kill your economy for such meager health mortality numbers.
8) Behooves the question, based on the New York anti-body test results, why did we lock down the world economy since it is also likely that most populations of the world have also had it without noticing?
9) Lockdowns or not, the thing will spread. For a third world country like Nigeria that cannot afford social palliative measures that will help keep people at home, lockdowns will kill more people especially considering that Covid’s actual mortality rate is more likely to be less than %0. Still, people will go out there to look for daily bread lockdown or not. This is where locality-based policy making models are needed. Copy and Paste practice is futile.
10) Israeli scientists have come out to state that lockdowns or not, the Covid peaks in about 6-8 weeks after which it begins to subside
11) Most Nigerian employees who are currently at home for the lockdown will remain at home when it is over. The economic effect of lockdown would mean that employers won’t need them back to work anytime soon.
12) The long-term effect of job losses and economic downturns that came with Covid will kill more people in Nigeria directly and indirectly than Covid will ever kill.
13) Due to the excessive emphasis on Covid by our authorities, people will die of other ailments other than Covid as many of them will resort to self-treatment instead of going to hospitals. Hospitals are very scary places to be in today because of the Covid hysteria. This scenario is more deadly.
14) Facts exist that suggest that the number of Covid infected people may be exaggerated. The bigger the number in any political entity, the more they are qualified for aids from foreign and local donors be they NGOs or Non-NGOs. In Nigeria, we have started getting the donations from the usual foreign donors since our own Covid “figures” started “rising”. State governments are now getting funds from the central government based on their “Covid figures”. I guess you know what this means for our kind of politicians.
15) People who die WITH Covid are reported to have died OF Covid. These are not the same things. It is no coincidence that other underlying ailments have killed more people with Covid than Covid. %85 of people who have died had other serious health issues
16) We are currently test-driving what a full-blown police state and introduction of a brand new ism masqueraded as LOOKING OUT FOR THE WORLD would look like. Our level of compliance today would determine what they would do to enforce it when the time comes. I am glad Americans, Europeans, and Canadians are already protesting.
17) Lock-down or not, people will continue to test positive because this thing is already in the community hence the more test we do, the more people will be positive. Just like Malaria and the rest. The only difference is that the media is focused on COVID thereby making you think only of Covid. Our February index case (Official) is not our index case. Nija-China traffic a ‘la business trips is huge and Covid was in China by October 2019. We have had this thing for months.
18) The people who control the levers of these things know that you are too lazy to research or study the Covid goings-on on your own and that you are more likely to depend on the trash they dish out every day on the news than study and make your own conjectures. So, they have you by the jugular and you will beg for a vaccine. In fact, you have already started begging for it.
19) Plus, most Nigerians can’t afford quality and steady internet to source for solid data on any issue. Video, Audio, and written online-info are a luxury in Nigeria. We depend on “unreliable” word of mouth and so-called “experts” who mostly do Copy and Paste for the most part.
20) In Nigeria, we are only testing people with symptoms. This nullifies the benefits of lockdowns. Before one becomes symptomatic, he would have given the thing to as many people as possible. We don’t have a demographic database to contact-trace people in Nigeria. Our lockdown was FUTILE from the very first day it started. WE just nailed our “little” economy to the cross while destroying people’s livelihoods in the process. These also have mortal consequences if you don’t know. More people will die from this, only, the news will not report their deaths as having a link to Covid.
21) Covid is with us already and Buhari’s team has made a good decision by releasing the people with strict health measures in place. His team now realizes that you can’t kill the economy, kill the people with hunger, and still get stuck with Covid. No Utility here. We now know Covid mortality data and worst-case scenario and it is not worst than what we already have in Nigeria health-wise, hence we are gonna take our chances. The SAME THING I HAVE PREACHED FOR WEEKS NOW.
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