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My Tribute To Chief James Ibori ~ By Karifest Duchess

That day the rumour nearly broke the internet: Chief James Onanefe Ibori has decamped to the ruling party, I was jolted and hit psychologically as if by a thunderbolt!

Within minutes, so many concerned people called me to ask if it was true, I was sad but within me, I still knew that no matter what, Anioma must get her full 8 Years like others even if we have to fight for it, to me, our victory was non negotiable.

Determined in my heart, I told those who called me that it must be 8 years for Anioma as anything short of it would be broad day robbery and a cheating to Anioma!

This we must never accept!

It turned out to be a propaganda by the evil forces of darkness who thrive on propaganda!

But unknown to these propagandists, while they were rumouring that Chief Ibori has decamped, he was working tirelessly, noiselessly and steadily with his political “son”, friend and Delta brother Okowa to ensure that all goes well and he is returned reelected; he stood by him and Anioma down to the end!

Another time, It was rumoured that Ibori had caved in due to pressure from the top and that to prevent him from facing persecutions, that he was going to decamp, but he never did, all lies from the pit of evil people. Yes he stayed quiet and continued to work tirelessly underground to support equity and to maintain his brotherhood, brotherly bond and friendship with OKOWA.

Yes Ibori understands the dynamics and politics of Delta State inside out and as a kingmaker, he knew it would be great injustice to work against Okowa and Anioma.

He didn’t want to work against the right man whose mandate God allowed and earlier while another past governor who should help to preserve Democracy in Delta State was busy scheming to enthrone Anarchy and deny Anioma of her right as governor for 8 years, Chief James Onanefe Ibori though not having his freedom then continued to ensure that democracy reigns in Delta State till date.

Your Excellency Sir, I may not be directly involved with Okowa’s government but your support was like a personal favour to me and many of us for the sake of Anioma.

Therefore, words are not enough to show my appreciation for your support but I am saying THANK YOU Your Excellency Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

You may be a different thing to so many, but to me you are indeed a legend for democracy and Delta State Politics.

Before the conspiracies against you, they called you all sorts of names, good and bad but you have the heart of a Godly man, though imperfect, a golden heart I must say too.

Your loyalty, friendship and dedication to the cause of good and equity in ensuring that democracy triumphs over anarchy, has translated your name from ordinary to where mere mortals cannot dare thread and you have carved your name this time not in gold anymore but in a more precious ornament befitting for kings alone in the sands of time in Delta State politics and beyond and you will remain one of the best amongst politicians.

Your words have become as clean as the white sand of the ocean and it turned out to be true just like you said it: I am with Okowa and Anioma for this 8 years and indeed you stayed with OKOWA and ANIOMA to the end!

You have earned our respect, love and trust all over again your excellency and you will remain HIS EXCELLENCY OF ALL EXCELLENCIES!

Migwor Sir!

God bless you sir!

I wish you long Life in good health filled with joy, peace and abundance.

May Anioma Blossom and grow in leaps and bounds with its renewed identity.

Long Live The Peace In Delta State!

Long Live Our Democracy!

Long Live Our Governor His Excellency OKOWA.

Long Live Delta State!

Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!

Here’s Cheerful Cheers to all Deltans for our victory and the triumph of democracy!

Karifest Duchess Onyekaah Esq. (Iyanga Anioma)

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