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N14k inmates daily feed: Biggest lie from FG – Ugwuonye

Ugwuonye decried FG claims of N14k,000 inmates daily feed

Nigerian government claims that it is annually spending N10 billion for feeding of prisoners.

Actually, Nigeria only spends N135 on each of the 60,0000 prisoners per day. 

By virtue of my work in DPA and ECULAW, I have direct contact with over 250 prison inmates. 

As a former detainee of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC], I was the leader of all EFCC inmates in Nigeria.

And by implication, I consider myself once the leader of all detained people in Nigeria. 

So I have been studying the conditions of prisoners and detainees in Nigeria since February 13, 2011.

That was the day I was abducted by the EFCC and the DSS at the airport.

As of two months ago, I had meetings with top officials of the Nigerian prison service, during which we discussed this topic in confidence. 

The officials admitted to me that based on the current budget, then still at the Senate for passage, only about N200 is meant to go for each prisoner’s feeding per day. 

I was the one that assumed that N65 will go to corruption out of that N200. 

That was how I arrived at N135 per day. 

Indeed, it is probably that more 50% of the allocation will go to corruption.

So, I’m ready to look the Minister of Interior in the eyes and call him a shameless liar for claiming they spend N14000 per day on prisoners feeding. 

But I’m sure no reasonable person would buy that because the Nigerian govt does not pay workers daily minimum wage of up to N2000 (N60,000 per month). 

So how can they spend N14000 per day on a prisoner? 

Emeka Ugwuonye

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