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N250m VP’s Gate Man House & Silence Of Buhari Anti-Corruption Fight


Nigerians are living in perilous time. I’ve said it many times I don’t believe in present anti-corruption mantra of Buhari. It is nonsensical, balderdash

Two weeks ago, one of APC Senators from Kogi State Senator Dino Melaye an raised alarm at the floor of the Senate when he revealed that a contract was awarded for the construction of a gate man house at the official residence of the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osibanjo and which contract he said would gulp a whooping sum of two hundred and fifty million naira (N250,000,000). 

This revelation shook the hearts of many Nigerians and of course non Nigerians alike.

This mind-boggling revelation by a Whistle Blower Senator Dino Melaye, obviously cast serious doubt on the sincerity of the much trumpeted anti-corruption fight of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

It also strengthens the belief that the current anti-corruption fight of Buhari is not only selective, unserious and quasi but certainly changes color depending on who is involved.  

I say this because there is a saying that ‘the taste of the Pudding is in the eating’ and now that the wind has blown, people have now seen that the Priest is wearing Trouser.

By my little mathematical calculation knowledge, N250,000,000 when converted at the exchange rate of N500 per dollar will give you $500,000  and if used to pay workers salary with the N18,000 minimum wage will be able to pay 238,000 Nigerian workers. 

Wao! This was the amount that was allegedly used to award a contract for the construction of a mere gate man house; I mean just a gate man house. 

In order words, a common gate man at the Vice President’s house will be living in a N250,000,000 house in a Country where an average Nigerian live below one Dollar per day and in a Country where Pensioners’ and Workers’ salaries are becoming contentious and irregular.

Honestly, Nigerians are living in a perilous time. I have said it time without number that I do not believe in the present anti-corruption mantra of Buhari. 

I have my facts which I can challenge anybody in any fora for a debate. 

This is a Country where Judges private residences were ransacked at the dead of the night and the judges accused of being Corrupt but at the same time a Secretary to the federal government was indicted by a respectable institution like the Senate of Nigeria of embezzling Two Hundred million naira meant for the IDPs in Borno State and the matter was swept under the Carpet.

Again, this is a Country where we hear reports daily of massive recovery of looted funds by opponents of the government and at the same time the same the present of the same Country and Chancellor of the anti-corruption fight quickly gave a clean bill of health when the EFCC Chairman Mr. Magu was evidently accused of corruption.  

This is Country where known superbly corrupt former Governors and former erstwhile  office holders are holding sway and presiding over anti-corruption fight. 

They became overnight ‘Saints’ simply because they are members of the present ruling party or government. 

The only corrupt individuals are members of the opposition and those critical of the present ruling government.

Leadership comes with a burden of Trust. Leadership is demonstrative and it ought to elicit confidence in the people. 

Sincere Leadership is like salt which is needed to add taste to a soup and without it, the soup becomes tasteless. 

The people must see the sincerity in your leadership approach before they will believe in your actions and inactions. 

Needless to say that the present government anti-corruption fight is a smokes scream and a strategic to vent anger and intimidate opposition in this country. It is nonsensical and balderdash. 

For the records, N250,000,000 is enough to buy mansion in the city of New York and London. 

This amount is enough to build mansions in major  Cities in Nigeria yet this is the amount that was used to award a contract for a mere gateman house. 

Tell me, will there be any justifiable justification in using this huge sum of money for this purpose? 

I am also surprise the way the matter is dying down simply because a top official and number two citizen of this country is involved. 

Yet, every day, stories fly about of so much that was looted by Mr A and Mr B both real and imaginary figures are brandished about.  

This is typical of Buhari’s anti-corruption fight that is entering the second year and without any conviction yet at any Court of competent jurisdiction except conviction by media trials.

If this amount of money is being used to construct a mere gateman house at the Vice President’s official house, then why is Nigeria seeking for foreign loans? 

Or if all these quantum of monies amounting to billions of dollars and pound starlings from Dasuki, Deziani Allison Madueke, Justices of Supreme Courts, Mike Ozekhome, Bala Muhammed, Olisa Metuh, etc. were actually recovered, why then is the President still talking of paucity of funds in this Country? 

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