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N5b libel suit: Your demand is tantamount to extortion, Uboh replies Fayemi

Notes: Your “bald allegation” is more libelous than mine; adds: if fixers had unfettered access to you, then you are corrupt

The Chairman of George Uboh Whistleblowers Network [GUWN], Dr. George Uboh has replied Governor Fayemi over his lawsuit threat and demand of immediate payment of five billion (N5,000,000,000) Naira.

Dr. Uboh construed Fayemi’s upfront demand for five billion Naira rather than go through the court which he threatened to go for libel against Uboh as extortion.

Your “bald allegation” is more libelous than mine

He also scorned the threatened libel lawsuit by Fayemi’s lawyers over his publication that Fayemi demanded 10% from the Paris Club judgment creditors which stated dates, time and proxies X and Y.

He asserted that if Fayemi deemed it libelous, then his “bald allegation” that the Paris Club judgment creditors offered him (Fayemi) $40 million USD and $80 million USD without date and time of such offers is more libelous.

He, thus, said they should be prepared for a counter-claim should they file a suit against him (Uboh).

If fixers had unfettered access to you, then you are corrupt

Uboh also replied Governor Fayemi’s letter wherein he asserted that “fixers” from Paris/London Club judgment creditors (Uboh included) offered him bribes of $40 Million.

He also alleged that they increased it to $80 million USD when he refused.

The whistleblower posited that Fayemi’s claim is tantamount to an act of corruption on his part.

He argued that if “fixers (note the plural)” had unfettered access to discuss corruption with Fayemi, then Fayemi must also be corrupt.

Uboh reasoned that the reputation President Muhammadu Buhari has is that no one has come out to say he has discussed corruption or offered Buhari money.

Hence, Fayemi asserting that he allowed “fixers” to discuss corruption and offer him bribes is in itself corrupt insofar as there is no record of Fayemi reporting the case to the police or the press.

Uboh further stressed that unlike Fayemi, when proxy X from Fayemi discussed his 10% demand with the judgment creditors (Uboh included), he stormed the governor’s Guzape residence on Saturday February 6, 2021, at 8am, to ascertain whether Fayemi sent proxy X to them.

Uboh opined that his action in visiting Fayemi is how an anti-corruption crusader should operate.

He noted that for one to wait until he is accused before he develops a conscience attack and remember that fixers came to bribe him is corruption itself.

See copy of Uboh’s letter below:

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