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N75b Naira: Peter Obi’s aide faces-off with Obiano’s PS on TV


Image: Val Obienyem on Channels TV

*Stage 1 of the debate – 75 billion naira near cash: Val Obienyem clashes with PS to Obiano on channels TV*

Today at Channels Television studio Lagos , the principal secretary to Governor Willie Obiano , Mr Willie Nwokoye rambled incoherently for about 30 minutes trying to defend “near cash”.

But the relief was when he admitted that Peter Obi left for them 75 billion in what he called liquid cash and near cash and also far cash .

The man was sweating profusely not because the studio wasn’t ventilated but because the burden giving to him to lie to the nation was too much on him and having to work for a clueless person is another burden.

When asked if his governor is planning on borrowing money he lied with clenched teeth while sweating at the collar, that they are not planning such.

But we know they took 10 billion naira loan about a month ago which is gone and they are planning on borrowing massively for Christmas.

That is the reason why the governor is heading to Abuja with the young man who he promise his daughters hand in marriage and also the office of the deputy governor for next election .

He tried to defend the present economy of the state but ended up saying that Mbadinuju, Ngige and Peter Obi performed better than his principal.

When asked if the relationship between his principal and obi is cordial, he suddenly started tucking at the band of his jacket to avoid the shaking of hand and heart. 

After the wasted 30 minutes of amateur lies ,the studio went on break and after the break they introduced the media general , Mr Valentine Obienyem who was poised , calculated , neatly suited , composed and carrying along an I pad with printed documented evidence which he keep brandishing to make his point .

Mr Obienyem said and I quote as opening remarks “when this episode of Anambra state press conference , where they denied meeting the said money , I put a call to my boss who is in Cambridge studying business management and told him what happened , he said:

“Val, why this? If they had a problem with the handover note or funds left behind, they should’ve called me and I will make it more clearly to them and any money they did not see, I will make sure the police catch whosoever that withheld it”.

Val went on to analyse the true situation of things ,such as -obi left 37,6 billion naira in cash ,then 26.5 million in hard currency and he extended copies of the bank statement, certified by the bank managers on the day of the handover on the 17th of march 2014 to buttress his points .

When the moderators asked Val , why didn’t Obi call Obiano after the press release to explain things to him , Val answered that if a man climbed the roof top and call you a thief, it is morally right to climb same podium and explain that you are not a thief .

The moderator then ask Val , if he mean that when he is at the stream bathing and a mad man snatched his clothes and run , shall he pursue him, Val said and I quote “do not put words into my mouth” .

Well, Mazi Odera fumed on hearing that and he retorted, “If I am at the stream or river bathing and a mad person snatches my clothes, I will run after the mad person with everything dangling.

“I will overtake him, beat him silly, collect my clothes and kick him one more time as hard lesson.

Why should he do that?

“Because if you allow a mad man to escape with your clothes, after bathing you will be in hiding begging people who may think you are truly mad to lend you clothes.

“Which may not be possible because, where are they going to get the spare clothing?

“Or you trek home naked covering the basics with bare hand and look like an idiot, making you a real mad person.

“But if you give the mad person a serious chase, people may call two of you instant mad people but when you collect your clothes and dress up, you become a sane person again.

“Moral of it: it is better to be briefly insane than walking home stark naked. That is why i believe on the principle of “you punch me, I deck you””.

On another development, yesterday for the first time after obi left government the south east governors held a meeting at Enugu.

All the governors were present but Anambra State government sent the deputy governor which is a promotion by the manner of errand he used to be delegated to.

The reason for not attending may be because he believes that he is supposed to be the Eze Igbo and that he is supposed to be hosting the meeting and not Enugu which is the capital of south east.

Mazi Odera

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