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Nationwide Protest Against Jumbo Pay To Legislators Looms

COCSON Declares  President Buhari's Anti-Corruption  War Slow And Selective

The Coalition of Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria, COCSON has declared the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari very slow and sometimes selective.The group also slammed  the jumbo pay of Nigerian legilslators tagging it the highest in the entire world.

The National President of the group Chuks Ibegbu wondered why a Senator will be earning almost twenty million naira every month when the minimum wage is eighteen thousand naira.

It is unacceptable and Nigerians must say no to that. He noted that the National Assemby since 1999 have not passed any bill that has improved the life of Nigerians but have only concentrated in their welfare and peps.

Ibegbu insisted tha t what Nigeria need at her level of development is part time legislator and not full time.

He wondered why not a single past and  present corrupt Governors and Political office holders have been convicted by the EFCC since it was set up and tasked the federal government to declare how much it has recovered from looters.

Ibegbu also slammed the recall of the NHIS boss and wondered why the health minister did not resign in the face of the recall of the NHIS boss accused of looting billions of funds of the agency.

He tasked President Buhari to be colour blind on the fight against corruption noting that skewed appointments is also corruption as it happened in NNPC and other MDAs recently.

The group will organise a nation wide protest against the high level of corruption in Nigeria even under the present administration.

He suggested Capital punishment (hanging) to looters to deter others from this evil that has kept the nation down and its common citizens suffering interminably.

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