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NBA Rotational Presidency: Mapping Western Region

By Carol Ajie

My Leaders Egbe Amofin in its entirety you are ALL my leaders as you were distinctly created before Midwest forum, I the pioneer National Coordinator of Midwest Forum when Albert Akpomudje SAN was Chairman I know this fact.

It is out of renowned pursuit for a just and egalitarian society that I took exception to Mr Akpata’s candidacy 2020 particularly bearing in mind his “no ladies at the bar” policy.

I am not to assist people assume the leadership of NBA when they showed their hands at the earliest opportunity of being anti-gender. No NBA candidate should emerge if they profess anti-gender policies during campaigns and in the lead up to, this is my long struggle spanning 2 decades plus.

You may know that the duo of Alegeh and Usoro had propelled Akpata’s candidacy.

However, three candidates of SW extraction were requested to meet with Egbe Amofin with a view to streamlining the presidential list 2020 and one of whom was officially adopted by Egbe Amofin in December 2019 as gleaned from the two links hereunder.

Having said that, I have observed alongside other NBA prominent members and leaders that at the meeting of Egbe Amofin three zones were mapped out for South West for rotation of the office of NBA President viz Lagos-Ogun, Ondo-Ekiti, Oyo-Osun.

Many thanks for even in my advocacy campaigns I did say SW has six states and why would Midwest with two states want to take in 2020 after Alegeh was elected President 2014-2016 against many South West contenders.

The question to resolve with humility is in mapping out the zones within the Western region where is Midwest and when is it the turn of Midwest to produce NBA President in the map?

I ask is it after all three zones in South West had taken? So that we are clear in the communique that emerged in the interest of justice and amity to state it so as not to leave it to guess work that a rotational map comes to stay known and respected in Western region of South West and M’West.

Thank you!

Thank you so much in anticipation of all-fair rotational policy

Yours respectfully

CAROL AJIE ESQ (Dame) LL.B(Hons) Benin ; B.L(Lagos) ; MCIArb(UK); LL.M Georgetown LAWA Fellow GULC

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